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Leaving The Nest: From Windows To Linux

May 13, 2009, 12:33 (0 Talkback[s])

"My first error! Not so much an error as a warning, though: "You have not selected a swap space: Doing so will improve your computer's function". Well, function is important, right? Ubuntu lets you choose how big your swap space is, something that Windows (mis)handles for you. Well, I look at my Windows partition and decide to take another chunk out of it... 4 GB, to be exact. That's pretty large for a swap file, but I didn't want to take any chances. I'm expecting to have to reboot twice, as I did with Windows when I used Partition Magic. After a moment, the new partition appeared ready to use! Well, I've certainly seen the first improvement. Finally, with Swap File and Mount Point set, I click forward. After making my user name and password, I am greeted with my second shock: Not only does Linux realize that I have Microsoft XP installed, but it asks me if I want to import my Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird settings, and if I want My Documents / Pictures / Music / Video available to me in Linux. As tempted as I am, I don't select any of them. I want to do this from the ground up. It's amazing that the option is there, though. With just one more click to verify, I'm installing Ubuntu proper. In the time it took to type the previous two sentences, the installation is 29% done. As someone who fixes his family's computers and has had to sit through countless XP and Vista installs, I almost shed a tear at this point. What merciful being has allowed such a marvelous creation?"

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