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Build A Real Time Audio Studio

Jul 29, 2009, 06:02 (1 Talkback[s])

"Although it might not seem like it, properly dealing with audio requires an intricately tuned PC. The main issue is audio latency, which refers to both the time it takes for a sound to enter your machine and the time it takes for your machine to produce a sound. In everyday use, we don’t really notice this latency. When you click on a button that makes a beep, you don’t care that it might take several hundred milliseconds for the sound to reach your ears. But in the delicate world of audio engineering, several hundreds of milliseconds is far too long, and even a delay of just tens of milliseconds is undesirable.

"Most professional systems will try to reduce audio latency to less than 10 milliseconds – faster than the average seek time on most hard drives. Some systems will get it down as low as 2 or 3ms, enabling them to process vocals and instruments in real-time, play software synthesizers just as they would the physical type, and mix and master recordings with the same near-zero latency as an analogue tape machine."

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