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Device Or Resource Busy Errors In Linux

Mar 05, 2010, 18:02 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Jeremy Mack Wright for this link. ]

"When you try to access an object on a Linux file system that is in use, you may get an error telling you that the device or resource you want is busy. When this happens, you may see a message like the one in Listing 1.

"Notice that there are 2 commands specified at the end of the output – lsof and fuser, which are the two commands that this post will be focused on.

"Introducing lsof

"lsof is used to LiSt Open Files, hence the command’s name. It’s a handy tool normally used to list the open files on a system along with the associated processes or users, and can also be used to gather information on your system’s network connections. When run without options, lsof lists all open files along with all of the active processes that have them open. To get a full and accurate view of what files are open by what processes, make sure that you run the lsof command with root privileges. To use lsof on a specific file, you have to specify the full path to the file. Remember that everything in Linux is a file, so you can use lsof on anything from directories to devices. This makes lsof a very powerful tool once you’ve learned it."

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