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Linux on your iPhone

Apr 06, 2010, 14:03 (0 Talkback[s])

"So, it's April Fool's day again, and this time I came up with quite a nice joke. Sadly, things haven't worked out, so I figured I'd tell you what I had planned so at least you know that I tried!

"As an April Fool's joke, I created a fake Linux app for the iPhone that made it look like Linux was running on your phone. It doesn't actually do anything - when you type text, it just spits out one of several pre-determined responses, but there are various geeky in-jokes for people in the know. The idea was that you'd buy it knowing it was fake (it was made very clear in the app description), then show it to your Linuxy friends, say "hey, I installed Linux on my iPhone!" and see how long it took for them to figure out it was a joke.

"Sadly, Apple rejected the app for various reasons. First, they said that people might see the warning messages and think their iPhone had crashed. To be fair, the original version of the app showed this screen after trying to run X:"

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