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Tine 2.0 "Neele" (2011-01) released

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[ Thanks to Cornelius Weiss for this link. ]

Hamburg - 2011/01/19 The Tine 2.0[1] project released its next major version "Neele" (2011-01). Packages for public download[3] and an online demo[2] have been deployed on the project page.

Focal points of this version are:

Printing lists across all modules as well as calendar week and month views.

Support for automatic email filtering and vacation mails via sieve[5].

Overall increased performance.

Moreover, the ActiveSync server got a lot of detail improvements and is now capable to handle recurring event exceptions in both directions.

In total the Changelog[4] lists more than 270 new features and improvements.

- Printing -

All list views now have direct printing support from within the Client. When the user presses the Print button, the native printing dialog of the operating system comes up. This avoids the cumbersome tree click process, known from many web-applications: open a print view, press print and close print view.

Each user can determine the amount of data printed by adjusting the visible columns before pressing the print button. More sophisticated print layouts can be achieved with specialized export definitions.

The Calendar comes with two special print layouts for week and month views. They are modeled after their paper format paragons which, in contrast to the screen representation, have no time scale.

- Automatic Email Filtering -

In the email client, users now can define filter rules for automatic server side email processing.

For example one could define that all mails having a subject starting with a certain phrase are automatically delivered into a special email folder. Another common use case is to discard all mails from a certain sender address.

The filters and corresponding actions are directly executed on the mail server. So they apply regardless of the mail client currently in use.

Moreover users can define vacation messages as automatic responses to mails coming in when they are in vacation or out of office.

For this features to work, the installations IMAP server needs sieve[5] support.

- Performance -

An overall performance spike of about 30% could be archived by switching from Zend_Date to PHPs native DateTime Class for Date and Time computations in the Server component. While the project made the changes fully backward compatible down to PHP version 5.2.4 it is highly recommended to switch to PHP 5.3 to take full advantage of these changes. - ActiveSync -

A lot of detail improvements have been added to the ActiveSync Server. Most notably the calendar connector now can deal with recurring event exceptions such as time shifts or cancellations. The Adressbook connector is now capable to handle birthdays from devices with broken timezone support. Moreover the Contact image quality has been greatly improved.

- More Highlights -

Improved email client usability

Improved email - address book integration

Hints for visibly hidden calendar events

Improved LDAP support

Dovecot IMAP management support

Access control rights if a (system) group or account is visible

Default Favorites (filter settings) for all Applications

Customizable Calendar colors

[1] http://www.tine20.org/
[2] http://demo.tine20.org/
[3] http://www.tine20.org/download/
[4] http://www.tine20.org/bugtracker/changelog_page.php
[5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieve_(mail_filtering_language)

What is Tine 2.0?

Tine 2.0 is a web based online groupware system, based on free and open sources which is sponsored by the german IT-company Metaways Infosystems GmbH.

The system leads to a more efficient business organisation and communication:

Contacts, appointments, tasks and other relevant information can be approved, shared, distributed and appreciated easily.

The extraordinary easy to use interface eases workday life and is implemented as a 'Rich Internet Application' which runs in all modern web-browsers.

The Server component is build as a service provider which serves the build in web-client as well as other service clients by its open APIs.

Tine 2.0 was started by former eGroupWare core developers who now work fulltime on Tine 2.0.

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