32 Bits Online: The Last Barrier

“Views from a technical support desk. Workers take brunt
hits from angry customers; and there’s nothing they can do as it
was an upper decision. As Linux become commercialized, will this
whither [sic] the Linux spirit?”

“Linux faces a major barrier for acceptance in large
institutions and corporations. There is a structural feature within
these organisations that precludes a paradigm shift. Despite the
flattening of management levels over the past twenty years,
communication between levels is poor and remains as a variation of

“the single largest barrier to free software adoption is this
stultifying atmosphere of technical conservatism and ignorance in
organisations — these organisations will become the last bastions
for proprietary software, like Windows, to be found anywhere.”

“This market power can not be underestimated for it may create a
critical impediment to free software’s acceptance. Microsoft can
and will maintain its end-user stranglehold by proxy through

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