32BitsOnline: (Cyber)Scheduling Made Easy

“Scheduling solutions have changed shapes over the past few
years. On one side are PC groupware solutions, such as Outlook,
and, on the other, are custom web server apps like Yahoo’s
Calendar. Both have their drawbacks: PC groupware is typically
proprietary and designed for single users, web apps often have poor
interfaces and the application may not reside on your server.
CyberScheduler for Linux from CrossWind morphs the ease of use
of the PC programs and the accessibility of web based apps together
into a powerful intranet application.

“CyberScheduler’s interface stands out amongst its peers. About
a year ago, I searched for web based calendars and was completely
surprised at the lack of good ones out there. An open source
project, Obsidian Communication Server, was by far the best, but
unfortunately, it had several features incomplete at the time. OCS
is impressive, but if all you need is calendaring, it may be
overkill. CyberScheduler focuses only on calendaring and its
interface has been tailored to this task.”

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