9th issue of the “Brave GNU World”, the monthly GNU forum

Hi !

The 9th issue of the “Brave GNU World” column is online now. It
can be found on the GNU Webpage and its mirrors or follow the links
at the end of this posting.

The “Brave GNU World” is a multilingual (English, German,
French, Japanese and Spanish) monthly column that provides
information about internal developments of the GNU Project and
things of importance to the GNU community, while trying to give
insights into the underlying philosophy. It is available online
(see links below) or printed in Germany’s biggest GNU/Linux
magazine, the “Linux Magazin”.

If you would like to receive mail about new issues directly, you
can subscribe to the “Brave GNU World” announcement mailinglist.
Just send mail to <<a
href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]>
with “subscribe” in the *body*. The mailinglist is only for
announcements that are related to the “Brave GNU World” and is of
very low volume (between 1 and 4 mails a month).

The ninth issue covers the following topics:

* Linux-Lab Project ( using the reliability of GNU/Linux for
experiments and process control )
* GNU LilyPond ( typesetting music )
* GNU Texinfo ( documentation made easy )
* Mirrordir ( free replacement of ssh and more )
* GNUjdoc ( organizing translations into Japanese )
* Osprey ( …the big suprprise .-) )

This column intends to provide a forum for all GNU maintainers,
friends and associates and I am always open to suggestions. So if

* have questions about the GNU Project that might be of general

* have a GNU Project and would like to improve its profile

* would like to start a GNU Project you are looking for people
to start it with

* think something doesn’t get the publicity it deserves

* would like to see something made public

send mail to:

“Brave GNU World <[email protected]>”

This column is for everyone with an interest in Free Software,
so don’t hesitate to contact me if your project is under the
GPL/LGPL and you’d like to see it introduced here.

The seventh issue can be found at


[ English version ]


[ French version ]


[ German version ]


[ Japanese version ]


[ Spanish version ]

or via the “Brave GNU World” homepage


[ English version ]


[ French version ]


[ German version ]


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That’s it for now…


Georg Greve