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Infrastructure Linux News for May 28, 1999

  • The Economist: Symbian's friends (May 28, 1999, 22:57)
    "Because of its mighty parents [Matsushita, Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson], Symbian is a potential powerhouse that threatens to lock Microsoft out of a market that could reach 150m [million] devices by 2005 and may be even more important for the development of the Internet than set-top boxes."

  • Featured Website: TuxFinder (May 28, 1999, 22:54)
    "We aim to be the best site for finding what you, as a Linux devotee, don't want to waste your time writing. Why reinvent the wheel to make some silly driver when you could play Quake III ? Or watch the latest Star Wars trailer for the twenty-third time?"

  • ZDNet: The FUD factor (May 28, 1999, 15:29)
    Mary Jo Foley, long-time Microsoft watcher, raises the issue of journalist responsibility in spreading FUD--and solicits your suggestions on what reporters can do to separate fact from FUD.

  • IndyBox Systems slashes prices (May 28, 1999, 15:21)
    "... staying focused on providing the lowest cost of ownership, while being able to meet the demand for support and service..."

  • Source Code Engineering Tool for C/C++/Java teams (May 28, 1999, 09:55)
    "... the first web architected solution for enterprise-wide information access."

  • Linux Counter passes 100.000 users (May 28, 1999, 09:46)
    Have you registered yet?

  • LinuxPR: Red Hat's GeekWorld Goes Live (May 28, 1999, 01:09)
    "As day four of Red Hat's GeekWorld begins, the six geeky participants have achieved just about everything but a sunburn."

  • Wired: New Motions in Caldera v. MS (May 28, 1999, 00:55)
    "I think we have plenty of evidence to go on," Caldera CEO Bryan Sparks said..."

  • PC World: Caldera Calls Microsoft License Anticompetitive (May 28, 1999, 00:48)
    "Did Microsoft's bundle muscle push DR-DOS off the market?"