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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 01, 1999

  • LinuxTicker: 2004 (Thoughts about the UCITA) (1999-08-01 22:58:46)
    "The proposal of the UCITA has passed. If it becomes a law this would change the rights of the end users rapidly. Rado has written an essay about the consequents. If you know George Orwell you will guess why the author has chosen "2004" as headline."

  • Eric Raymond -- On Originality and the Bazaar (1999-08-01 22:01:23)
    This is a public draft of a new section for "The Cathedral and the Bazaar". As always, comments and criticism are invited.

  • LinuxPR: New PGP keyserver to download (1999-08-01 06:55:48)
    "Highware releases OpenKeyServer 1.1, its fast public keys server for storing PGP public keys."

  • Linux Journal September 1999 (1999-08-01 05:34:52)
    "The September 1999 issue of Linux Journal (#65) will be mailed from the printers in Waseca, Minnesota on August 12, 1999."

  • Newsbytes: New Linux E-Commerce Server (1999-08-01 05:17:55)
    "The new server combines Red Hat Linux 6.0 software programs, the Apache Web server and security and e-commerce applications from Hewlett-Packard, CCVS and MiniVend."

  • Newsbytes: Red Hat Irks Linux Programmers (1999-08-01 04:59:47)
    "Linux vendor Red Hat Inc., in an apparent goodwill gesture to its team of volunteer software programmers, offered them shares of the company's upcoming initial public offering (IPO) at a discount price."