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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 30, 1999

  • LinuxPR: On Target Systems Announces Dual Celeron Linux Server (Aug 30, 1999, 22:37)
    "New Dual Celeron Linux Server. Complete System Priced Under 1,900 Euro."

  • LinuxPR: Aspen Systems Ships Twin Peaks® II Dual 667MHz Alpha 64-Bit (Aug 30, 1999, 22:36)
    "Wheat Ridge, Colorado, August 23, 1999 - Aspen Systems, Inc., a leading high-performance computer designer and integrator, has commenced shipping its Twin Peaks® II line of 667MHz, 64-bit dual-Alpha 21264 processor workstation, server, and cluster solutions."

  • Linuxcare: Giving Windows The Dual Boot (Aug 30, 1999, 22:35)
    "This week Lina helps a Linux convert dual boot back into Windows (she'll explain), and then guides a reader through X in a successful attempt to configure keycodes."

  • InfoWorld: Nicholas Petreley: Lotus and HP preview wares for the open-source platform at LinuxWorld (Aug 30, 1999, 21:12)
    "A few weeks ago I set forth my hopes for the August LinuxWorld Expo...The top three items I hoped to hear more about were enterprise directory services based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), fail-over clustering, and Lotus Notes."

  • osOpinion: Thinking about Linux (Aug 30, 1999, 17:49)
    "It seems like someone goes out, comes up with a good story idea, only to be quickly copied by dozens of other writers. Leaving we readers with a slew of stories, basically restating the same set of facts."

  • BW: CynApps C++ Hardware Design Library Now Freely Available Through Open-source Licensing Program (Aug 30, 1999, 17:33)
    "Company Moves to Make Cynlib Industry Standard Through Open-Source Licensing."

  • Byte: Exploring Zope (Aug 30, 1999, 16:13)
    "An Open Source Application Server And Portal toolkit used for building high-performance, dynamic Web sites."

  • Reuters: Applix shares continue to soar on Linux hopes (Aug 30, 1999, 16:07)
    "Shares of Applix Inc., a maker of Java-based business software, soared for a second straight trading session Monday amid Internet chat-room speculation that the company is poised to become a darling of the trendy Linux software movement, analysts said."

  • News.Tucows.Com: FreeBSD: Linux's Close Cousin (Aug 30, 1999, 16:02)
    "FreeBSD has its roots way back to 1977 when UC Berkeley sought to create the world's first Free Unix system. Back then Unix was so expensive that unless you were willing to shell out thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars you would be stuck with a huge paperweight."

  • Linux Orbit: First look at SuSE 6.2 (Aug 30, 1999, 15:41)
    "I installed SuSE 6.2 two ways. First I did a New Installation writing over everything that was already installed. The second time, I first reinstalled SuSE 6.1 and then did an UPGRADE to SuSE 6.2."

  • Linux Today summary, August 23 - August 29 (Aug 30, 1999, 13:22)
    Here's a summary of the most popular stories posted to Linux Today during the last week.

  • Largest Linux Installation Party in Europe? (Aug 30, 1999, 12:25)
    "On Friday, the largest Linux Installation I have ever seen took place in Austria, Europe. More than 800 people attended the party..."

  • MozillaZine: Mozilla != Netscape (Aug 30, 1999, 12:21)
    "I highly recommend taking a look at the thread, and I especially recommend paying attention to some of the comments from developers not associated with Netscape or, because the enthusiasm that they express is truly heartening."

  • CPU Review: Debian 2.1r2: A First Look (Aug 30, 1999, 12:04)
    "Ever since I have been writing Linux reviews I have been receiving requests to review Debian. With each successive review, the requests have been getting more insistent; basically boiling down to 'hey, you are reviewing every major distribution except Debian, how about some equal coverage?'."

  • Freshmeat: Open Letter to Red Hat and Robert Young (Aug 30, 1999, 03:53)
    "I can not stress enough how important I think this is."

  • covers Perl Conference (Aug 30, 1999, 03:47)
    "Lots of people won lots of things at Perl Conference 3.0, and I am not talking about swag, like the cool knives given out by Sendmail, Inc., the excellent yo-yos from, or the Mr. Bunny's Internet Startup Games from Borders. No, these prizes actually required skill of some sort."

  • Linux to power iLounge at 57th World Science Fiction Convention (Aug 30, 1999, 03:23)
    "This facility will be running on Linux servers and workstations, with support from Cybersource, a Melbourne based Linux services company."