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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 31, 1999

  • LinuxPlanet: Application Servers and Linux: The Enterprise Awaits (Oct 31, 1999, 23:12)
    "... on a cost per unit basis it's cheaper to put up a cluster of high-end PCs running Linux than a similar number of Solaris or RS/6000 servers."

  • Curt Wuollet--Linux in Industry: Our Own Case Study (Oct 31, 1999, 20:34)
    "Linux is such a great solution and so flexible that our current uses just scratch the surface. I have been disappointed that so few of the success stories in industry are published. I decided to write this article so that the many people who contribute to the Open Source community could get the credit they deserve."

  • Eric S. Raymond -- Are you ready for Burn All GIFs Day? (Oct 31, 1999, 19:59)
    On November 5, webmasters all over the world will convert their sites to eliminate all GIFs.

  • Performance Computing: Evaluating OpenLinux 2.3 (Oct 31, 1999, 17:53)
    "OpenLinux approaches the installation from a completely different angle. The Enhanced Linux Installation Wizard (LIZARD) asks all the questions up front in a graphical environment that employs radio button choices everywhere it can. It is extremely simple to use."

  • LinuxPR: Launches Embedded Linux Portal (Oct 31, 1999, 17:11)
    "Developers of embedded systems just gained a powerful means to locate the information and components they need for incorporating the highly popular Linux operating system into non-desktop applications."

  • Graphics Muse: The impact of computing on society - where the goals of the Linux movement fit in (Oct 31, 1999, 14:32)
    "Why, for example, would I want to exchange the lunatic ranting of one dictator (or two, if you include Steve Balmer) for those of a collective group of lunatics?"

  • Window Manager Review (Oct 31, 1999, 14:31)
    "What I am interested in doing is creating a viable resource for those interested in trying different window managers."

  • LinuxWorld: A REBOL incursion (Oct 31, 1999, 14:30)
    "Don't be fooled by people who say that Carl Sassenrath's new project is "just a scripting language." In reality, the chief architect of the AmigaOS is after nothing less than your cell phone, your Java-enabled toaster, and your Linux box in his quest to make your operating system irrelevant in the new world of instant messaging."

  • LinuxPlanet: Review: The No BS Guide to Red Hat Linux 6 (Oct 31, 1999, 06:07)
    "As an overview of Redhat 6 this book is excellent. It covers everything of interest at a level of detail quite sufficient to get you up and running and doing useful work."

  • Linux Gazette: Creating A Linux Certification Program, Part 7 (Oct 31, 1999, 00:00)
    "I had absolutely no idea that this article would lead down the paths that it did! Looking back, I think my reasons still stand, but certainly my own thinking has evolved on how a program is structured as we all have discussed and strategized."