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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 24, 1999

  • ComputerWorld (Australia): Linux continuing to woo enterprise Net customers (Nov 24, 1999, 22:59)
    "Early next year, Version 2.4 of the Linux kernel will be available and is expected to address some key enterprise needs. The kernel will include scalability enhancements to the file system and support for large memory stores and symmetrical multiprocessing, according to Linux creator Linus Torvalds. The advancements don't meet all enterprise operating system requirements, but they provide more fuel for the Linux fire."

  • Redhat and Corel installs crash on Intel HX motherboards (Nov 24, 1999, 22:54)
    "... install diskettes or CD crash on many motherboards with a single processor but a multi-processor capable chipset..."

  • SuSE receives venture capital -- Apax and Intel invest in Linux specialist (Nov 24, 1999, 22:46)
    "... the funds from Apax and Intel... will be instrumental in SuSE's expansion and IPO efforts", said Roland Dyroff, Chairman of SuSE Linux AG."

  • BW: XFree86 Joins X.Org as an Honorary Member; Ensures the Interoperability of Linux and...X Window[s] (Nov 24, 1999, 21:42)
    "This agreement establishes direct contact between X.Org and XFree86, the leading X Server provider in the Open Source Software market. With the success and popularity of the Linux operating system, this brings a vital and unprecedented market dimension to the standards body."

  • Midgard Demo Site available (Nov 24, 1999, 21:25)
    "The idea of this new service is to enable people interested in Midgard to experiment with the system safely without having to install it beforehand. Midgard's installation process is still fairly difficult, and so this can make evaluating the system much easier."

  • Wired: Super Savings on a Supercomputer (Nov 24, 1999, 20:38)
    "The 44th spot might not sound like a big deal, but Sandia computer researchers say otherwise -- mainly because Cplant is one of the few on the list that are "homemade."

  • LinuxWorld: A Linux Thanksgiving (Nov 24, 1999, 20:30)
    "All of us in the Linux community have a lot of reasons to be thankful this year. This week I'm going to list the things I'm personally thankful for as a Linux user. Given the bounty that Linux currently enjoys, I'll probably overlook a few important ones. Please feel free to add to the list."

  • WGS LinuxPro 5.4 Installation Review (Nov 24, 1999, 20:20)
    "This is pretty much a standard Red Hat text based install. Not nearly as exciting as the other two installs I just did: Corel Linux and Caldera. No flash, but it's relatively straight forward for the experienced user."

  • Caldera 2.3 Installation Review (Nov 24, 1999, 17:56)
    "The cdrom drive spins up and a text screen offers a black and white ascii graphic and a blurb on LILO options. It times out quick and boots into a GUI Linux boot process."

  • LinuxPR: Copyleft Geeks Dream of Trip to the Bazaar (Nov 24, 1999, 15:53)
    "Win a Trip to the Bazaar in New York City in the Second Geek Dreams Contest."

  • LinuxPR: America's first and largest hospice organization moves to e-smith's Linux servers (Nov 24, 1999, 15:51)
    "The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. provides services to patients with advanced, irreversible illness and their families and employs 365 staff and 575 volunteers. They are using e-smith's Linux-based internet servers for their corporate headquarters in Branford, Connecticut and their five remote office locations throughout the state of Connecticut."

  • CNN: Red Hat eyes handheld market (Nov 24, 1999, 15:14)
    "Troan says having the technology for Linux server and handheld devices under one roof will speed development of Linux-based applications for the two platforms."

  • BW: EBIZ Enterprises Acquisition of Cancelled (Nov 24, 1999, 07:38)
    "In final negotiations the parties could not agree on terms and further negotiations are not currently anticipated. "Although we are not proceeding with this acquisition, we are in discussions with other similar Web site organizations that provide community resources and services, and intend to pursue discussions with one or more of them at an appropriate time."

  • CNET SGI abandons key plan for workstations (Nov 24, 1999, 07:28)
    "SGI will try to give Linux a boost by releasing some of its OpenGL graphics software into the open-source community, Stedman said."

  • osOpinion: Ease of use vs. sweat equity (Nov 24, 1999, 07:22)
    "Being filled with boundless naivete, I felt the current success of Linux could probably be boiled down to this: if you undertake something knowing that it is reputedly very difficult, yet worthwhile, you don't do it with inflated expectations of immediate success. You do it with a certain amount of respect."

  • Red Hat Errata Advisory: new timetool package available (Nov 24, 1999, 06:44)
    "Some erroneous linebreaks are in the timetool script. leading to errors when attempting to set the clock to certain dates. Also, timetool did not read /etc/sysconfig/clock correctly."