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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 26, 1999

  • Linux Users of Victoria: Installfest 4 (Nov 26, 1999, 22:30)
    Installfest this Saturday, 27th of November... another great opportunity for you to get Linux installed.

  • Donations to FSF - A Challenge to Other LUG's (Nov 26, 1999, 21:57)
    "Since the FSF has played a pivotal role in the evolution of Linux, we encourage... LUG's to follow through with donations..."

  • KRUD 6.0-19991101 ($5 -- Updated Redhat + Extras on CD) (Nov 26, 1999, 21:32)
    The November release of Kevin's RedHat Uber Distribution (KRUD)... Every month Kevin merges in the latest and greatest errata (those which aren't totally broken anyway) into a standard RedHat distribution (currently version 6.0).

  • Running Linux on your laptop (Nov 26, 1999, 17:49)
    "You can't advocate if you don't have a working system, though. On a laptop, that's often easier said than done. X can be troublesome, then once you get X working, you have to deal with sound."

  • Open Source Writers Group: Documentation Additions (Nov 26, 1999, 17:19)
    "The OSWG is a community project whose primary purpose is to increase the quality and quantity of free open-source and open-content documentation."

  • Ext2: Installing Slackware 7.0 (Without cdrom or standard floppy) (Nov 26, 1999, 17:17)
    "I tried to boot it using the standard bare.i Slackware bootdisk, but no dice. I needed a better solution for installing Slackware that could be accomplished with minimal pain, employing the USB floppy disk drive. Enter ZipSlack."

  • Ext2: x86 User Installs Linux on an iMac (Nov 26, 1999, 17:11)
    "Welp.. what distribution should I go with for this first generation iMac? I went with YellowDog Linux since I already had a contact there (Dan Burcaw.. nice guy). I emailed him, and asked for a review copy of "YellowDog Linux Champion Server 1.1"

  • The Bazaar: Get Trained by the Gurus of Open Source (Nov 26, 1999, 09:21)
    It all happens at The Bazaar on December 14-16 at the Javits Center in New York. Some of the hackers who are teaching and speaking are: Miguel de Icaza, Nat Friedman, Kurt Granroth and Rasterman.

  • osOpinion: The End of the Desktop OS? (Nov 26, 1999, 06:31)
    "What if you could build a machine that had unlimited memory? Well, you wouldn't need virtual memory, a virtual file system or any kind of file system. The kernel would need drivers only for I/O devices. It wouldn't need memory management. Linux would be ideal for this..."

  • SJ Mercury: Microsoft ruling helps Utah company (Nov 26, 1999, 00:53)
    "Now Caldera is poised to reap the benefits of the finding earlier this month by a federal judge in the government's antitrust case that branded Microsoft a monopoly."