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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 28, 1999

  • Eric Raymond speaking in Los Angeles Dec 3rd, 4th! (Nov 28, 1999, 23:03)
    A panel discussion involving leading members of the Linux community in Los Angeles will follow Eric's presentations.

  • Performance Computing: The 1999 Outstanding Product Awards (Nov 28, 1999, 21:27)
    "This year we... chose the legions of behind-the-scenes programmers who contribute code to... Linux."

  • Channel 2000: They Don't Do Windows (Nov 28, 1999, 17:59)
    "Linux, The Alternative Operating System, Has More Supporters Than You'd Think, And They're Starting To Get Louder."

  • PSCU: Scaling up Your Servers (Nov 28, 1999, 17:55)
    "Linux holds up very well against Windows NT in terms of multiprocessor support. A VA Linux Systems four-processor box far outperformed a similar multiprocessor box (same processor types and speeds) in a SPEC rate integer benchmark test."

  • Linux Answers: REVIEW: Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 (Nov 28, 1999, 17:34)
    "Caldera's previously unique LIZARD graphical installation utility has been upgraded in OpenLinux 2.3. It still incorporates the best mouse detection routine currently in operation, and it's the only one we've come across that can automatically detect that our serial mouse is connected to the /dev/ttyS1, and not S0, or as installers more commonly believe, our redundant PS/2 port."

  • Linux Answers: Window on the world... (Nov 28, 1999, 17:07)
    "Anyone who uses X windows at all needs a window manager (WM). Not everyone needs the same window manager though - it often depends how you use X."

  • Tracking your finances with Linux (Nov 28, 1999, 17:02)
    "As Linux starts to make it's way out of the server room and into the home, it is important that the programs for everyday computing are available for these potential new Linux users. In this article, we'll look at the state of home finance software for Linux and try to determine how far along these Linux programs are in delivering a commercial quality product."

  • WideOpenNews: Novell Open License Draft Made Public (Nov 28, 1999, 03:22)
    "Many note a strong resemblance between the Novell Cooperative License and the GNU General Public License, or GPL..."