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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 01, 1999

  • LinuxPR: Computer Associates Establishes Enterprise Linux Advisory Council (1999-12-01 22:23:51)
    "Collaboration Seeks To Support Development of Products To Meet the Unique and Specific Needs of Linux Users."

  • InfoWorld: Red Hat inks services deal with Autozone (1999-12-01 20:53:54)
    "Autozone, which sells auto and light truck parts and accessories through its 2,711 stores, agreed to the deal based on its ability to easily customize Red Hat's Linux operating system to its operating needs as well as for the technical support it would gain."

  • Washington Post: Yes, Microsoft Did Hurt Consumers (1999-12-01 20:30:38)
    "How do you estimate the value to consumers of an alternative operating system that never came into being because of Microsoft's multiple strategies of destruction? Competitive innovation is the key to consumer welfare in the information age. Its loss cannot be dismissed lightly."

  • PRNewswire: OpenAvenue to Enable Next Wave of Open Source Acceptance (1999-12-01 18:14:03)
    "OpenAvenue provides a global collaborative infrastructure to aggregate the worldwide inventory of code, knowledge and expertise to support the evolution of community-based, open- source development."

  • Linux Awareness in Ireland Day (LAID) - report, talks and photographs (1999-12-01 18:09:16)
    "There was a good turnout for the Linux Awareness in Ireland Day yesterday (6th November). I'm not sure how many people showed up altogether for the talks themselves, but at a guess maybe 200."

  • Ottawa Citizen: Cowpland ponders acquisitions (1999-12-01 17:51:52)
    "Corel Corp. isn't interested in being bought out, chief executive Michael Cowpland said yesterday. If anything, the Ottawa software company will hit the acquisition trail with its high stock price and fat market capitalization."

  • Magstarinc.com: Magstar support for red hat´┐Ż Linux 6.0 (1999-12-01 17:34:59)
    "We see Linux as a good fit in multiple location retail operations. Whether you have 20 or 200 store locations, in-store processor operating license fees add up quickly. Factor in the reliability and stability and Linux becomes a very attractive alternative."

  • LinuxPR: Mandrake on the Rise (1999-12-01 16:13:13)
    "Linux-counter statistics show that Mandrake is on a good way to become a next "major" Linux distribution."

  • LinuxPR: SupremeGS announces Linux-based MediaStorm II computer series (1999-12-01 16:11:09)
    "Company foregoes BeOS systems for new Linux workstations."

  • LinuxPR: Redhat 6.1 is now standard on all Linux Computer Systems Servers (1999-12-01 16:09:41)
    "Redhat 6.1 is now standard for Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Crusier, Battlecrusier, and Dreadnought Servers."

  • SF Chronicle: Microsoft Ruling Serves Rivals, Not Consumers (1999-12-01 16:00:53)
    "The rapidity with which the dominant standard can become obsolete in the tech economy is a totally foreign concept to the bureaucratic mind. Hence, the shift to server-based operating systems -- where Microsoft competitors such as Linux enjoy terrific competitive opportunities -- doesn't make a dent in the thinking of Judge Penfield and the Justice Department."

  • UpSide: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Gates (1999-12-01 15:39:18)
    "Once again, the Linux community struggled to balance personal predictions about the Linux operating system against the day-to-day movements of its leading commercial exponent, the Durham, N.C.-based Red Hat Inc."

  • Slashdot: Under The Radar [Book Review] (1999-12-01 15:20:34)
    "More accurately, this book is a series of stories about both Red Hat and the Open Source/free software movement in general (and Linux in particular) woven together very naturally to make an interesting tale."

  • BW: Interland Launches New Web Hosting Solutions Using Cobalt Networks Server Appliances (1999-12-01 13:09:49)
    "Interland, Inc.... today announced a dedicated hosting offering featuring Cobalt RaQ server appliances from Cobalt Networks, Inc."

  • Forbes: Linux-mania boosts Cobalt (1999-12-01 07:40:00)
    "Cobalt Networks is the latest Linux-related company to catch Wall Street's imagination. After going public at $22 per share on Nov. 5, the thin-server maker has seen its stock jump 620% to $160 and is rising."

  • EETimes: Linux farms grow results (1999-12-01 06:57:39)
    "SGI is working with several EDA vendors to maximize performance on Linux, an operating system to which SGI has made a major corporate commitment."

  • InternetWeek: Novell To Open Some NDS Code (1999-12-01 06:41:10)
    "The model will not be similar to Sun's community licensing model, but it will make it easier for ISVs to develop to NDS on certain platforms."

  • OpenBSD 2.6 Shipping (1999-12-01 06:31:31)
    "OpenBSD is freely available from our FTP sites, and also available in an inexpensive 2-CD set."

  • osOpinion: Linux Printing - Time for change (1999-12-01 06:25:09)
    "The perceived deficiency is that Linux has no printer subsystem, that quality printing requires each application to have specific drivers for each printer, and that the postscript/ghostscript combination falls far short of the quality of printing in windows."

  • osOpinion: An O'Reilly and RedHat deal? (1999-12-01 06:20:32)
    "As an added bonus, they get access to O'Reilly's market channels. And as a bonus to the Linux community, we'll get a publisher who is truly committed to free software."

  • FreeOS.com: Bringing Linux to the masses of India (1999-12-01 06:09:43)
    "The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore's Information for Development Centre and FreeOS.Com are looking for champions who can take up the cause of localising Linux in Indian languages. The goal of this Indianisation project is to ensure that the benefits of Information Technology percolate down to the Indian masses."