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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 26, 1999

  • Daemon News: Applixware for FreeBSD (1999-12-26 23:34:57)
    "As a corporate office productivity solution, the combination of Applixware and FreeBSD really shines. Applix' designers and programmers are UNIX people through and through, and their experience shows."

  • LinuxFocus: Sketch, vectorial drawing under Linux (1999-12-26 20:03:42)
    "Sketch is a vector drawing program, which is to say it represents a figure, a circle for example, by a mathematical formula, whereas a program such as The Gimp, a bitmap editor, uses points (pixels). The advantages of a vectorial representation over a bitmap are that files will be smaller and the drawing can be enlarged significantly without differences in rendering (pixellisation) like those you can get with a bitmap image."

  • 32BitsOnline: IP Routing Fundamentals Book Review (1999-12-26 19:52:08)
    "While I have many years of experience as a system administrator in a variety of UNIX flavors, my networking administrator skills were in need of improvement. This book has provided me with a great deal of newly acquired knowledge in this area."

  • PSCU: Open Wide, The open-source movement may gain prominence sooner rather than later. (1999-12-26 18:38:45)
    "Not only does the ascent of the open source movement and its proponents presage a major change in how software is developed and sold, it also heralds a fundamental change in the dynamics of the computer business."

  • Linux.com.sg (Singapore): SuSE 6.3 Installation Review (1999-12-26 18:23:06)
    "I understand that this review defers from other reviews, as it is more of "installation guide" thus tends to be boring, but there are reasons for this."

  • Performance Computing: Linux In The Data Center (1999-12-26 14:51:19)
    "In the data center, Linux performs two main duties: replacing Windows NT Server or acting as a small UNIX server."

  • Linux.com.sg (Singapore): Review -- Running Linux (3rd Edition) (1999-12-26 13:56:20)
    "This book is still a gold mine of information on the basics of using a linux system. Any computer science student who 'needs Unix at home' would find it extremely useful..."