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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 29, 2000

  • Technology Evaluation: IBM Jumps on the Linux Bandwagon with Both Feet, Sort Of (2000-01-29 20:27:10)
    "IBM will "Linux-enable" all of its hardware platforms as well as port applications and middleware to Linux. In addition, it will work closely with the open-source community to develop and promote standards and make certain of its technologies available as open source."

  • TheLinuxGurus.org: FTP In One Easy Lesson (2000-01-29 18:19:14)
    "Most people are familiar with graphical FTP clients that let you click and drag files from one machine to another, we will not learn about GUI ftp clients, we will learn about running ftp from the command line."

  • Petition For a Linux Port of the QuickTime Player (2000-01-29 18:00:45)
    "We've decided to politely petition Apple to release a quality and up-to-date QuickTime movie player for Linux. Why shouldn't Linux be able to play QuickTime flicks just as well as those "other" OS's?"

  • Investor's Business Daily: IBM Hopes Linux Is The Key To E-Business, Server Doors (2000-01-29 17:34:34)
    "IBM Corp. recently aligned with one of the more popular technologies of the last two years when it said it would incorporate the Linux operating system in all of its new servers."

  • Linux Journal: Marc Moves Out (2000-01-29 16:47:54)
    "Atipa Linux Solutions has announced that Marc Torres, formerly president of the Linux distribution company SuSE, is now the Chief Technology Officer for Atipa."

  • InfoWorld: Linux presses forward (2000-01-29 15:50:31)
    "The story of how Ivereigh integrated the open-source system into his company sheds light on how Linux is shedding its cult status and going mainstream."