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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 30, 2000

  • Linux.com: Quake3 Server How-to (2000-01-30 16:42:29)
    "A Quake 3 server is a virtual location for Quake 3 players from all over the network (in most cases, the Internet) to connect to and frag each other."

  • Advogato.org: The Thrill of OpenSource Programming (2000-01-30 16:22:53)
    "I started work on this project around the beginning of December. I write this editorial because I was told by one person "I still don't understand why people code things and give them away for free". Another reason why I write this, is to remind people of the "fun" of programming."

  • CRN: Linux Technology Making Headway Into Government (2000-01-30 15:56:59)
    "Our business is to make it easy for our customers to buy technology products. So as our customers have started to demand Linux, we wanted to build a portfolio of solution sets for them that facilitated that."

  • InfoWorld: Latest Domino release shines (2000-01-30 15:29:05)
    "Domino R5 needs better installation instruction, but it is quick to configure, deploy, and learn. With great scalability, fail-over transactional integrity, and improved Internet protocol support, Domino R5 is a solid groupware solution."

  • InfoWorld: OpenLinux eServer not yet a contender (2000-01-30 15:17:03)
    "Attracting Linux converts in the corporate world is a tricky business. While Linux die-hards want all the free software and options they can get, corporate IT managers demand reliable servers that require minimal effort to install and manage."

  • LinuxPR: Linux Will Be...at 'LinuxWorld' with The EnlightenDSM Systems Management Solution (2000-01-30 15:04:42)
    "Enlighten Software Solutions shows the world's first multi-platform management solution for the open-source Linux operating environment and the first cross-platform management for Linux to include Unix and Windows."

  • InfoWorld: Larry Augustin: VA Linux Systems' president and CEO examines the...Linux market... (2000-01-30 15:00:37)
    "VA Linux Systems has distinguished itself from other Linux providers by offering complete systems and systems integration. But now, in an increasingly crowded Linux marketplace, VA Linux faces the challenge of competing with the likes of IBM and Compaq."