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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 26, 2000

  • Linux Journal: LUIGUI--Linux/UNIX Independent Group for Usability Information (2000-02-26 20:28:20)
    "A new Linux group has been organized to look at user interfaces and help formulate a standard in an effort to ease the way for Linux to move onto the desktop."

  • sendmail.net: RFCs for the Rest of Us (2000-02-26 16:16:10)
    "... there's a huge gap between Internet software engineers, who would never confuse RFC 821 with RFC 822, and the rest of us, who aren't necessarily even sure what "RFC" stands for."

  • Red Herring: Bluetooth gleams at CeBIT (2000-02-26 05:54:40)
    "Big-name backers of the new Bluetooth short-range wireless standard joined in a love fest at Europe's largest technology trade show this week, but startups and VCs say lots of cool Bluetooth activity is going on behind the scenes."

  • Newswire: The Office Linux rumour mill (2000-02-26 05:41:50)
    "However, I can easily see a motivation for Microsoft to spread a little disinformation about possible plans for a Linux Office offering; namely, to convince businesses who are thinking of using Linux in some circumstances that it's still wise to invest heavily in Office on other PCs. And in fact, the company has a fairly unhealthy history of doing just that."

  • LoudCloud Sets Up Shop (2000-02-26 04:50:16)
    "Internet guru Marc Andreessen created a buzz last September when he abruptly quit his post as America Online Inc.'s (AOL) chief technology officer..."

  • ZDNet: Linux finds another buddy: Novell (2000-02-26 02:22:11)
    "Novell's endorsement will add more enterprise legitimacy to Linux by providing the open-source platform with a full-scale enterprise directory service for the first time."

  • CNET News.com: Harvard professor mutes antitrust skepticism (2000-02-26 01:02:11)
    "Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig today downplayed a news story that indicated he had doubts Microsoft should be broken up."

  • CNET News.com: Linux-seller Caldera Systems sets IPO price (2000-02-26 00:48:51)
    "Caldera Systems is... reserving up to 10 percent of the shares being offered in the IPO... to include non-U.S. programmers who haven't been able to participate in past IPOs."

  • ComputerWorld: SCO welcomes Linux competition (2000-02-26 00:08:10)
    "SCO, as Mark Twain once said, claims that the news of its death is greatly exaggerated. Computerworld recently interviewed SCO President Doug Michels and Mike Orr, senior vice president of worldwide marketing."