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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 29, 2000

  • TechRepublic: Linux basics: Installing an application from its source code (2000-04-29 21:22:46)
    "Although this feat may sound daunting, it's actually quite simple. Thanks to the advanced compilers (gcc and friends) and well-documented README and INSTALL documents (included with nearly all source code)..."

  • VNU Net: Unmodified Linux to run in embedded realtime systems [Oncore Systems microkernel] (2000-04-29 20:13:22)
    "OnCore Systems has developed a way of enabling Linux to run unmodified in an embedded realtime environment."

  • Freshmeat: Nerdherding [managing software developers] (2000-04-29 19:53:28)
    "Hacker culture is filled with the lore and legend of the Pointy-Haired Boss and the myriad ways management can inhibit or kill a project. Today, we get a view from the other side as Cal Evans tells us what it's like to be the administrative part of a hacking team."

  • Hardware One: How I Learned Linux - Part 3.5 (2000-04-29 18:15:31)
    "Just so I could peek under the hood and perhaps even mess with the engine a little, I desired to set up my own web server, on my own machine, up close and personal where I could mess with its config file and 'master the damn Internet', whatever species of elephant it was."

  • CNET News.com: Microsoft rivals savor the moment (2000-04-29 17:27:56)
    "Although the wisdom of today's government proposals remains an open question, competitors that have long endured Microsoft's dominance could not help but relish the moment."

  • CRN: Boeing Reviews Linux With Mixed Results (2000-04-29 16:32:24)
    "The conclusion was that it was a promising operating system [that] could be used with niche applications... It was not ready for use as a widespread [operating system] within Boeing."

  • PerlMonth: Debugging Perl CGI Scripts (2000-04-29 15:14:04)
    "All the tips and techniques here are straightforward; most of them are things you probably know from your first course in programming-that is, if you had one! And that just may be your problem: if you are a self-taught Perl programmer, you may not have received any formal education in debugging."

  • LinuxPapers.org: Compressing Files in GNU/Linux (2000-04-29 14:59:49)
    "This article will show how to compress, decompress and archive files in GNU/Linux using different programs."

  • SystemLogic.net: NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS Manufacturer Guide (2000-04-29 14:40:08)
    "To clear things up we decided to organize everything ourselves with an guide (which will be updated) that organizes information from the plethora of manufacturers that will be selling video cards featuring the GeForce 2 GTS chip."

  • Canada Computes: Linux for Newbies, Part 10: Finding Files (2000-04-29 14:26:31)
    "Even though the logic of the file system helps, when you are looking for something among the thousands of files that typically populate any Linux setup, it's nice to know that there are aids for finding things."

  • Canada Computes: Utilities the heart and soul of Linux (2000-04-29 14:17:46)
    "From a certain point of view, Linux can be seen primarily as a set of utilities bonded together by a common kernel. These utilities form the 'toolkit' model that has endeared Unix to programmers, system administrators, and advanced users for more than three decades."

  • LinuxDevices.com: Euro startup unveils credit-card sized Linux system (2000-04-29 02:17:16)
    "...called µ-computer Chipslice. ...runs uClinux, is intended to be used in a wide range of mobile, portable, and wearable computing applications."