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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 28, 2000

  • BW: LinuxWizardry Successfully Launches 3 New Products at Linux World San Jose (Aug 28, 2000, 23:58)
    "...three flagship products, the Apprentice Router, Magic Passage VPN and the Wizard Penguin series PCs..."

  • BW: Bynari TradeServer: Microsoft Outlook Services on Sun Solaris? (Aug 28, 2000, 23:51)
    "TradeServer joins Bynari's lineup of mail products for Linux and UNIX workstations. The new additions share the same programming code as the Linux versions. TradeServer provides cost savings to organizations by using Internet protocols which do not require Client Access Licenses."

  • SJ Mercury/AP: Computer analysts mull computer bugs (Aug 28, 2000, 22:50)
    "Many argue that fast, full disclosure of a vulnerability alerts computer users to take precautions and pushes software makers to provide a quick solution. Others say telling about how software is vulnerable to hackers before companies have a chance to fix the problem only invites attack. ... "There needs to be a Hippocratic Oath for security professionals..."

  • Smart Partner: When Did We Start Buying Lies Instead Of Products? (Aug 28, 2000, 21:43)
    "At least the open-source people are honest. When Linus "Linux" Torvalds says Linux 2.4, the next version of the popular operating system, won't be out until it's ready, he means just that. We can talk about missed release dates, but no one tries to make anyone believe that open-source release dates are set in stone."

  • PC Magazine: A Far Worse Attack [movie studios vs. DeCSS] (Aug 28, 2000, 21:24)
    "...consumers are entitled to their rights under the copyright act and that copyright law should not supersede all the other laws we have. ... My biggest concern is the contention that the act [DMCA] prevents even the discussion of how to decrypt the code. Excuse me? That seems like a huge infringement on our First Amendment rights. ... I'm also worried about the contention that 2600 shouldn't even be able to point to the code if it's on someone else's site. Again, pointing strikes me as journalism, not publishing."

  • eWeek: What it means to be free; or GPL in it (Aug 28, 2000, 21:06)
    " IT folks come to terms with GPL will determine whether we actually launch into the next phase of computing or not. It will take some time. It took three decades for you to become used to paying for software, agreeing to licensing terms embedded in print too small to be deciphered with a telescope."

  • SF Gate: Few Call Windows 2000 a Smooth Seller (Aug 28, 2000, 20:19)
    "Sales of Windows 2000, the software for running corporate computer networks and desktops, have fallen short of some analysts' expectations. And that has left some to speculate whether the company... will make good on its goal to elbow its way into the high-end business market, now dominated by the likes of arch nemesis Sun Microsystems."

  • AllLinuxDevices: LinkUp Systems L7200 System Development Board to Support PalmPalm Tynux OS (Aug 28, 2000, 19:00)
    "LinkUp Systems Corp., providers of `System-on-Silicon' processor plus peripherals solutions for the Internet appliance and consumer electronics market, and PalmPalm Technology... today announced that the LinkUp L7200 system development board will support PalmPalm's Tynux Linux-based operating system (OS)."

  • LinuxPR: On The Linux League Monday Edition (Aug 28, 2000, 18:42)
    "Joining Mr. Gaskins today will be guests from TimeSys Corporation: Dr. Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar, Co-Founder and Chairman, Dr. Doug Locke, Vice President of Technology, and David Tannenbaum, Director of Marketing. As usual, Francis Gaskins will be joined also by Gary Lawrence Murphy, CEO of TCI, and Tom Adelstein, CEO of Bynari Inc."

  • Linux in education report #27 for August 28 (Aug 28, 2000, 18:36)
    "L. Prevett has put the current Table of Contents and the Preliminaries section of the Math Teachers Guide on line. ... David Moore reports that AUC version 0.7.0 is finished. ... We had a lively discussion on cafeteria management software where Ryan Booz laid out the requirements for his school."

  • Boston Globe: By Day, They're Mild Mannered Engineers (Aug 28, 2000, 17:19)
    "Call them Linux Libertarians. This subculture of hackerdom is less about guns than it is about an elaborate philosophy of a faction of freedom-loving geeks with an acute distrust for authority."

  • LWN: ESR to Linus on "the curse of the gifted" (Aug 28, 2000, 17:10)
    "...your natural if relatively undisciplined ability has proved more than equal to the problems you have set it. That success predisposes you to relatively sloppy tactics like splitting drivers before you ought to and using your inbox as a patch queue."

  • eWeek: Breaking GNU ground [with GPL] (Aug 28, 2000, 16:51)
    "...StarOffice's lasting legacy may not be the software itself, but the document formats and APIs it exposes, and the freedom it gives IT, through the GPL, to use those formats in new ways--on the desktop and elsewhere. It is time for corporate IT to take GPL seriously. It could be as important to IT in this decade as the PC was in the 1980s and the Internet was in the 1990s."

  • LinuxPR: to host top Linux developers (Aug 28, 2000, 15:40)
    "Linux kernel developers Alan Cox and David Miller will both be speaking at, a community focused conference taking place in Sydney, Australia in January 2001."

  • The Register: Caldera hints at Java-like UnixWare license (Aug 28, 2000, 15:18)
    "Caldera CEO Ransom Love told The Register that once the acquisition of rights to the Santa Cruz Operation's UnixWare was approved, then the source code would be made available, only "it's a question of when, and how."

  • 3rd English issue of Linux NetMag is available online (Aug 28, 2000, 14:46)
    "The 3rd English issue of the Linux NetMag is completed. It is a free e-zine with articles about software, hardware, games, applications, tools, tips&tricks, configurations, kernel, booting and more."

  • Inter@ctive Week: Rocketpod: Home Entertainment Blasts Off (Aug 28, 2000, 14:22)
    "A PC isn't needed to run the array. Rocketpod components use their own operating platform. "The pods will work with Windows and Macintosh [operating systems], and we are planning to support Linux, X-box and PlayStation in the future..."

  • Washington Post: Hollywood to Home Viewer: We Own You (Aug 28, 2000, 14:04)
    "Valenti argues that the movie industry is "a distinct economic asset to this country" and Kaplan's verdict is necessary to protect it. But copyright laws have limits; if we must choose between movie-studio profits and the Bill of Rights, it ought to be clear which one is expendable."

  • Apache Today: Apache Guide: Logging, Part II -- Error Logs (Aug 28, 2000, 13:00)
    "Last week, O gentle reader, we talked about the Apache access log, and what the information in there means. This week, we're going to talk about the other standard log file: the error log."

  • osOpinion: Linux for the Desktop -- Way to Go? (Aug 28, 2000, 11:38)
    "When someone goes to their computer shop to buy a new PC, in almost every case they will take away a machine with some version of Windows installed. Judging by the success of Microsoft in terms of revenue and good reviews in the mainstream press, it would seem that those customers are perfectly happy with what they've got."

  • A collection of tutorials and guides. (Aug 28, 2000, 11:31)
    "Reader Attila Strauss provided us with a collection of tutorials and quick guides found on, most in German."

  • osOpinion: An itch that needs scratching (Aug 28, 2000, 02:43)
    "In the ongoing debate about the rightness/wrongness of being able to share music files (and eventually books and videos) across the Internet, the wrongness of it invariably comes down to the fact that the artist is not getting paid for his work."