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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 01, 2000

  • CNET News.com: Buddy, can you spare some processing time? (2000-09-01 23:11:49)
    Distributed computing isn't a new idea, as shown by the popularity of SETI@home, a screensaver program that processes radio telescope signals to search for extraterrestrial communications. ...TurboLinux sells a product called EnFuzion that lets corporations farm out computing tasks across their computers using any operating system.

  • Slashdot: Linux Drivers For Free Barcode Scanner [CueCat] Cease-And-D... (2000-09-01 20:51:59)
    "On Aug. 30 several folks who have written Linux drivers and apps relating to the free barcode scanner mentioned here a few days ago were sent cease and desist orders demanding that they stop distributing the code. ...Lineo's Driver has also been taken down following a cease and desist from Digital Convergence (CueCat's parent)."

  • Linux-Mandrake Security Update Advisory: Zope update (2000-09-01 20:39:03)
    "The exploit that was not fixed with the previous Zope hotfix involves the getRoles method of user objects contained in the default UserFolder implementation returning a mutable Python type."

  • LinuxPR: New Linux Support Website is Deployed (2000-09-01 20:28:06)
    "FixMyLinux was designed to allow the beleaguered administrators to make efficient use of their time. The Linux community needs a good tech support website."

  • LinuxPR: AMIRIX Announces Release Of Powerful Open Source Configuration Tool For Embedded Linux (2000-09-01 20:16:28)
    "The CML2+OS system allows the configuration and generation of both a Linux kernel and an operating system. Its purpose is to assist embedded Linux developers in configuring and generating small (1 to 10Megabyte) Linux target systems."

  • LinuxPR: RadiSys Announces Partnership With MontaVista to Support Linux On Its Embedded Solutions (2000-09-01 20:05:25)
    "Under the agreement, MontaVista is providing focused support on RadiSys' embedded solutions for its 100 percent Linux-based technology."

  • ShowMeLinux September Issue Available (2000-09-01 19:56:49)
    "This month's issue examines the future of embedded Linux. Considering recent predictions of 55 million portable devices by 2002, the question seems highly relevant: will Linux prosper outside the desktop?"

  • Upside: A lab of one's own (OSDL) (2000-09-01 18:42:07)
    "Face it. If you work with Linux, and IBM hasn't tried to partner up with you yet, you're just not working hard enough."

  • LinuxNewbie.org: Installing and Using WINE (2000-09-01 18:39:34)
    "...you'll say to yourself "I wish there was a Linux version of..." You may not need to wish any longer. Now, I'm not saying that there is a version of that program, but, there is a program that is just as good usually. It's called WINE, and it might make all those wishes come true."

  • CNET News.com: Judge orders Microsoft to pay Bristol $1 million (2000-09-01 18:07:06)
    "While Hall determined Microsoft used unfair tactics to gain advantage in the Unix market similar to those it used against America Online subsidiary Netscape Communications in the Web browser market, there may be little carryover to other cases."

  • CNET News.com: AOL rivals make progress on instant chat spec (2000-09-01 17:28:07)
    "A coalition of America Online's rivals has developed a technical blueprint to allow their instant messaging services to communicate with one another. ... The creation of technical specifications is one step in an ongoing process to let separate instant messaging systems interoperate."

  • Apache Today: Persistent Perl on the Virtual Host (2000-09-01 16:09:47)
    "One of the big problems with the Perl programming language is that when executed there is a lag in performance due to the actual perl interpreter starting up. In addition, each process starts another instance of the interpreter to handle the request. ... CGI::SpeedyCGI written by Sam Horrocks is just what the doctor ordered to get your scripts running approximately 16 times faster than normal. It can be installed using the PREFIX tag in the Makefile command on virtual hosts."

  • Apache Today: Netcraft's August 2000 Figures: Apache Again! (2000-09-01 15:11:18)
    "Apache maintains its lead as the most popular Web server in the world, according to the Netcraft Web survey."

  • The Software View: High iQLinux.com (2000-09-01 14:16:10)
    "The mission of iQLinux.com is to become the leading Web destination that connects customers, vendors, and a global supply of independent Linux consultants. ... It provides a market place where open-source products and support services can be negotiated and acquired."

  • Apache Today: The Perl You Need to Know, Part II: Working with Warning Messages (2000-09-01 14:03:39)
    "Sometimes it's very hard to understand what a warning is complaining about. You see the source code, but you cannot understand why some specific snippet produces that warning. The mystery often results from the fact that the code can be called from different places if it's located inside a subroutine."

  • eWeek: Novell plans massive layoffs (2000-09-01 13:56:09)
    "A subject of internal debate for more than a year, Novell has yet to hash out an open-source strategy that doesn't cannibalize revenue opportunities or eliminate the technological advantage Novell believes it has with eDirectory."

  • osOpinion: Who owns you? (2000-09-01 06:48:53)
    "It's every hacker's dream, and thankfully, it's getting more common every day: being paid to work on your favourite piece of free software. But it's also pretty fraught with controversy, and especially if you happen to be the maintainer of the project."

  • osOpinion: Standards are a good thing. Honest! (2000-09-01 06:44:05)
    "Unix has traditionally been a hostile place in terms of standardization -- there is no tool or program in Unix that does not have at least one alternate (and different) implementation."

  • Salon: Guru of the Unix gurus (2000-09-01 06:10:32)
    "When Andrew Hume presented the Usenix Lifetime Achievement Award in San Diego in June, he managed to say exactly two words -- "Richard Stevens" -- before a standing ovation drowned him out."

  • LinuxDevices.com: Java and Embedded Linux Team Up [Whitepaper] (2000-09-01 00:47:51)
    "The Java platform and the Linux operating system are appearing more frequently in embedded applications thanks to their unique benefits."