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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 28, 2000

  • AllLinuxDevices: solopoint.com Selects Coollogic Software to Power Online Marketing Environment (2000-09-28 23:33:59)
    "The Coollinux AE software platform will be used to power solopoint.com's front-end, user-interface environment, which is composed of a countertop-style, communications-centric device and a continuously available information portal that will be marketed to broadband ISPs."

  • BW: Linux NetworX Evolocity 1240s Cluster Server Wins Best of Show at NetWorld+Interop 2000 (2000-09-28 22:44:21)
    "The Evolocity 1240s cluster server, introduced at the show, is designed for managing and optimizing web traffic in the Internet market."

  • CNET News.com: Ballmer learns from past Microsoft missteps (2000-09-28 21:41:39)
    "Linux is not catching on, on the desktop. There are no customers. I may be from Mars, but if there's no demand, we're not going to do the work to take Office to Linux."

  • LinuxPR: Linux NetworX Evolocity Cluster Server Wins Best of Show at NetWorld+Interop 2000 (2000-09-28 20:57:52)
    "The Evolocity cluster server, introduced at the show, is designed for managing and optimizing web traffic in the Internet market."

  • LinuxPR: Abriasoft And Linuxsolve Announce Partnership To Deliver Secure mySQL Network Appliances (2000-09-28 20:52:23)
    "The partnership will include technical development projects and co-marketing activities to leverage the secure server and the online database markets."

  • LinuxPR: GroupIT Engine v0.90 (for PHP) Released (2000-09-28 20:46:07)
    "...a groundbreaking content and community management engine capable of powering the next generation of online communities, extranets and intranets."

  • TechWeb: Unix: Still The One For Enterprise Web Apps (2000-09-28 20:45:07)
    "When it comes to large-scale Web apps, most businesses still trust Unix machines over Wintel boxes."

  • Eric S. Raymond: Second draft chapter of "The Art of Unix Programming" released (2000-09-28 20:28:55)
    "Chapter 2, "On Not Reinventing The Wheel", discusses code reuse and open source, with a focus on the issue in evaluating source code for reuse."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Novell moves towards open source NDS (2000-09-28 20:07:00)
    "The move represents Novell's first tentative step to open source its crown jewels."

  • Kernel Cousin Debian #4 (2000-09-28 19:55:36)
    KC Debian provides a peek into the inner workings of the Debian development process.

  • Certification Magazine: Certifying the Penguin: the Wild World of Linux Certification (2000-09-28 19:50:27)
    "As of August 2000, there are really three main Linux certification programs out there, with a fourth just emerging. Alphabetically, the three existing programs are: Linux Professional Institute (LPI); Red Hat (Red Hat Certified Engineer-RHCE); and Sair, Inc. On the emerging side, CompTIA has just recently announced its Linux+ program. Let's take a look at each of these in turn, starting basically in the order in which the programs developed."

  • USA Today: Hacker Mitnick: Trust no one (2000-09-28 19:23:13)
    "...Mitnick warned IT managers Wednesday that unless they educate every employee -- from the CEO to the receptionist -- about how hackers work and how to bolster security, corporate networks and Web sites will never be safe from attack."

  • LinuxPlanet: Editor's Note: Tech Triangulation and Linux (2000-09-28 16:20:39)
    "Tech triangulation is a simple procedure. You just figure out what you want to know, call the support line three times (making sure you get a different technician each time) and ask your questions. If you're lucky, they all agree with each other. If not, go with the majority unless two of them are clearly dim bulbs and the third is a compulsive 'Linux mentioner' who's looking for his crack at moving off the help desk by antagonizing random customers with comments like 'It's supposed to work that way, but I don't know... I run, uhhh, Linux.'"

  • SF Gate: The Napster Effect; Program may have started something that no court can stop (2000-09-28 16:16:51)
    "A host of new companies inspired by the wildfire success of Napster are popping up with business plans that not only promise legal uses of "peer-to-peer" file sharing, but could make the technology even more widespread than Napster could ever accomplish on its own."

  • CNET: Red Hat Linux 7.0 [Review] (2000-09-28 13:03:10)
    "Red Hat 7's most significant digit is yet to come. While the 7.0 release represents an excellent summary of all that Linux has had to offer so far, it is the anticipated 7.1 release that will bring some of the most eagerly awaited features to X Windows desktops everywhere. Specifically, those with their hearts set on stable releases of the Linux 2.4 kernel and the KDE 2.0 desktop should probably sit tight."

  • In Context: Sun's "Linux Strategy" -- What Is It? (2000-09-28 09:26:50)
    "The interesting thing about Sun's plan to purchase Cobalt Networks is how little Sun has had to said about Linux. Sun undoubtedly has a 'Linux strategy' that goes way beyond anything they're saying publicly -- care to make an educated guess as to what it is?"

  • Linux.com: Have We Come to a Fork in the Road? (2000-09-28 08:29:42)
    "The simple fact is that Linux and free software are all about choice, yet we forget this when we wage these flamewars. We negate the very concepts at the center of our revolution."

  • PRNewswire: frontpath Announces ProGear - The First High Performance, Linux-based Portable Information Appliance (2000-09-28 07:47:47)
    "ProGear's software includes Linux 2.4x operating system, Netscape browser version 4.74 and a complete set of utilities and diagnostics. Hardware components include the powerful Transmeta TM3200 400 MHz processor, a 10.4" polysilicon TFT display."

  • Linux Weekly News for September 28, 2000 (2000-09-28 07:03:19)
    Leading items and editorials: Is the GPL really less business-friendly?, Review: The Book of Linux Music & Sound, The fun patent of the week, The Red Hat Network launches and The open source panel debate at ESC.

  • Kernel Cousin Debian Hurd #60 By Zack Brown (2000-09-28 05:53:07)
    Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • The New Price Tag for Breaking Up Microsoft? $310 Billion! (2000-09-28 04:37:23)
    Stan Liebowitz and the Association for Competitive Technology are at it again, this time arguing that it would cost consumers $310 billion if Microsoft were to be broken up, up from their estimate of $30 billion last February. So why are the numbers funny? Because they come from a blatant Microsoft front group and an "academic" who has proven to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for Microsoft. Beware, dear reader, deep FUD lies within, as Microsoft once again goes on the PR offensive to scare us into using Windows. (Oh, and along the way he dismisses Linux as a nonplayer in the consumer economy. As if.)

  • Linux-Mandrake Security Update Advisory: esound update (2000-09-28 03:35:57)
    "A problem exists with the esound daemon, which is used in GNOME and responsible for multiplexing access to audio devices."

  • LinuxWorld: What is open source? (2000-09-28 02:22:00)
    "Winer then proceeds, using his own definition, to the conclusion that the GNU project is not open source since the GPL puts constraints on the use of the software. The GNU project list of programs includes Emacs, GIMP, GNOME, GCC, and about 150 others. But many other programs are covered by the GPL, even though they are not directly a part of the GNU Project. The Linux kernel, for example. Imagine the disappointment of the thousands of programmers around the globe who have worked on GPL'd software when they learn that Winer has revoked their visas to live and work in the bazaar."

  • AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: September 27, 2000 (2000-09-28 00:07:28)
    A quick look at TrollTech's newest partnership, GPL'd voice recognition from Xybernaut, an invitation to writers, and more this week.