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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 29, 2000

  • LinuxNews.com: Metrowerks Happily Honeymooning with Lineo (2000-09-29 23:59:42)
    "Metrowerks, the Motorola subsidiary that invested $22.5 million in their new embedded Linux partner Lineo on September 25, is happily settling into what the company hopes will be a long and lucrative relationship."

  • LinuxPR: RadioWallStreet.com: The Linux League Friday Edition (2000-09-29 23:39:24)
    "Newly appointed Linux League Commissioner and weekly RadioWallStreet.com contributor, Francis Gaskins, will host a panel of guests to review Linux trends."

  • DevShed.com: How To Build the Apache of Your Dreams (2000-09-29 21:41:55)
    "While it is a good starting point, the generic Apache configuration is probably not optimal for you. A little knowledge of the standard modules and what they do can make for a faster, more secure web server, simpler configuration files, and a host of new and exciting features."

  • LinuxPR: Dell and Hewlett-Packard Join First-Ever Linux Plug Fest In Burlingame, CA October 22-26 (2000-09-29 21:11:37)
    "This event is being held to drive compatibility between the newest hardware and the latest Linux kernel implementations."

  • Lotus.com: Eric Raymond replies to Charles Connell (2000-09-29 20:26:37)
    "Chuck Connell aims some mighty rhetorical blows at a set of propositions that he believes are premises or consequences of the open-source development model. He specifically quotes, and attempts to refute, my work in The Cathedral and the Bazaar and subsequent papers."

  • MacSlash.com: Jason Haas speaks about LinuxPPC (2000-09-29 19:54:21)
    "The company's next version of their software, LinuxPPC 2000 Q3, can be described by the maxim: 'Evolution, not Revolution.'"

  • LinuxPR: Computer I/O Introduces Configurable Network Data Servers For OEMs And Systems Integrators (2000-09-29 16:43:48)
    "The DirectServer Series is easily configurable to meet a wide range of digital and analog I/O, and telecommunication data requirements."

  • LinuxPR: "Professional Linux Programming" New from Wrox Press (2000-09-29 16:39:18)
    "Completely up to date and comprehensive, this book will allow existing Linux Programmers and aspiring developers alike to take advantage of the opportunities available in the open source field."

  • ZDNet UK: Sun considers ditching Linux [on Cobalt server appliances] (2000-09-29 15:23:25)
    "...senior Sun executives... leaning toward replacing Linux with a version of Solaris that is optimised for appliances."

  • Slashdot: Yup, Somebody Cracked Slashdot (2000-09-29 15:12:43)
    "As they say, the weakest link in any security system is human: on one of our test boxes, we had a "Clean" copy of Slashcode installed, with default data... including the temp admin password (God/Pete). It didn't take much after that to get into Slashdot itself."

  • LinuxPlanet: DistributionWatch Review: SuSE Linux 7.0 Personal/Professional (2000-09-29 13:38:04)
    "In all, I found SuSE to be among the most user-friendly of the Linux distributions I have seen to date and it is likely going to stay on my desktop for some time to come. This ease of use is exactly what SuSE is aiming for, as I learned in an interview with Volker Wiegand, President of SuSE Inc., the U.S. division of SuSE."

  • Salon: The Gnutella paradox (2000-09-29 13:09:05)
    "But according to critics, Gnutella is hardly ready for prime time -- and is facing dilemmas almost as worrisome as the Napster lawsuit. Over the last month, users of the system have noticed a dramatic slowdown in responsiveness, and a number of reports have revealed serious instabilities in the Gnutella network. The open-source software developers who nabbed the program after America Online forced its programmers to abandon it are still striving to learn how to work together. And Gnutella's legal status is also murky: The RIAA is already hinting that it may be preparing a strategy to attack Gnutella."

  • AllLinuxDevices: Analysis: Sun sees a future in server appliances (2000-09-29 12:54:22)
    "But Cobalt represents a notable change of tack for Sun on other fronts, too. Its hardware is based around Intel-compatible AMD processors, a first for a vendor that has always relied on the mettle of its own Sparc technology. Furthermore, Cobalt is a big Linux supporter, a Unix variant that Sun has hitherto eschewed in favour of its own more mature Solaris operating system."

  • Linux.com: Your "Old" 486 & LINUX (2000-09-29 07:50:04)
    "The 486 makes a perfect firewall/router/IP-masquerading machine. The Linux Router Project (LRP) has created a GNU/Linux distribution that runs from a single floppy."

  • osOpinion: What Every American Should Know About Copyright (2000-09-29 07:20:32)
    "Due to Napster and DeCSS, copyright has found its way into the spotlight, at least in some Internet circles. Unfortunately, this has happened almost 25 years after the major portion of the damage was done."

  • LinuxLookup.com: Mandrake 7.2 Beta [Review] (2000-09-29 07:12:28)
    "Mandrake's primary aim seems to be combating the difficulty of installation/use complaints that have plagued Linux. These guys are up to the challenge."

  • Slashdot Database Compromised by 'White Hat' Hackers (2000-09-29 03:15:47)
    Visitors to Slashdot this evening were greeted by a story announcing that the popular site's database had been compromised. [ Ed. Note: Contains a sizable screenshot ]

  • Upside: Red Hat struggles to be seen in embedded space (2000-09-29 03:14:03)
    "Ten months after the merger, however, the integration of the two companies seems a bit awkward. Despite the outwardly can't-miss combination of Cygnus' engineering talent and Red Hat's marketing savvy, the company has spent almost the entire year watching a host of competitors sprint past it in hopes of becoming the world's top supplier of embedded Gnu/Linux software and services."

  • LinuxPR: Jupiter Systems Announces Linux support for the Jupiter 870 series display wall controller (2000-09-29 00:51:05)
    "With expansion capability to 124 screens and support for both live video input and analog RGB input, the Jupiter 870 display wall controller takes the Linux operating system to new heights of visual performance."

  • BSDToday: FreeBSD 4.1.1-RELEASE is now available (2000-09-29 00:33:05)
    "The 4.1.1-RELEASE enhanced with cryptographic code and other new features."

  • Upside: The Great Open Source Debate wages on (2000-09-29 00:21:26)
    "The debate... began with Red Hat's Tiemann describing the open source development process as "revolutionary" and irreversible. ... Sticking up for the proprietary side was Wind River's Fogelin, who described open source as less cause and more symptom of the changes gripping the embedded systems market."