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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 30, 2000

  • Lotus.com: Charles Connell Replies to Eric Raymond (2000-09-30 21:01:47)
    "The moral here is we should expand the sample size of projects we study before making firm conclusions about the base principles of open-source software."

  • LWN: The Book of Linux Music & Sound [Book Review] (2000-09-30 19:41:09)
    "The Book of Linux Music & Sound is, first and foremost, a comprehensive catalog of the audio-oriented software that is available for Linux. ... Where the book falls down a little is with the more introductory topics. ... In general, the book assumes that you know what you want to do, and that you are most interested in picking out the right tools."

  • Dutch geeks create a CyberFlat (2000-09-30 19:25:28)
    "The CyberFlat consists of 18 computers which run the CyberFlat 24 hours per day. They control everything from MP3 to lights and the measure everything from doorbell to temperatures. Most of the computers run Linux Slackware. The kernels vary from 1.2.3 to 2.2.16."

  • NetworkWorld: Testing lab [OSDL] to give open-source code an enterprise workout (2000-09-30 19:11:41)
    "With the availability of high-powered servers for Linux development, Linux may soon see its way into the Web servers of the most elite e-business corporations. Other open-source applications used widely in enterprises also could see improvements as a result of the OSDL..."

  • European Unix Platform (EUP): Book Review: The Cathedral and the Bazaar (2000-09-30 18:49:15)
    "Eric Raymond provides the reader with a lot of 'Wow, I never thought of that' and 'Hmm, that is a completely new way for me to look at this'. ... So, is there nothing to complain about? Sure there is."

  • Linux Magazine: Getting the Most Out of Linux (2000-09-30 18:39:15)
    "Whether you're a long-time user or a rookie who's just installed Linux for the first time, taming the complexity of your system and figuring out how to get the most out of it is an ongoing adventure. That's why we're presenting our first annual all-tips article, to help you find the most direct path possible from what you want to do to how to do it with Linux."

  • Kuro5hin.org: Review of Linux Network Administrators Guide (2000-09-30 18:11:13)
    "...the 2nd edition of Linux Network Administrator's Guide is indeed so much improved on the first edition that it now makes a well-nigh indispensable companion to Hunt [TCP/IP Network Administration]. In fact, the relationship is now reversed; if there is *one* must-get book, it's now NAG rather than Hunt."

  • FreeOS.com: Report from the Global Internet Summit in Yokohama (2000-09-30 16:04:50)
    "In addition to Moore's Law and Metcalfe's Law... the Internet economy is characterised by four new laws... Many of these laws have been effectively played out in the synergistic explosion of the Internet and of the Linux movement. ... The community-based open source way of developing software is a paradigm shift..."

  • LinuxWorld: Why Sun really bought Cobalt (2000-09-30 15:27:00)
    "And the best news of all for Sun: regardless of how the hardware picture develops, by purchasing Cobalt, Sun has implicitly endorsed Linux and put yet another nail in Windows 2000's coffin. This helps Sun eliminate the only threat that it can't fight directly."

  • LinuxWorld.com.au: Perth's Installfest: PLUG into Linux (2000-09-30 14:37:03)
    "As with the other installfests, a wide range of computer hardware was brought along. ... In addition to the spectrum of peripheral devices there were PowerPC machines, Macs, Sparcs and a rack-mounted computer from IBM."

  • CIOL.com: Striking at the / [moving your root partition] (2000-09-30 14:18:16)
    "When you are installing / for the first time, the setup program copies stuff from CD/floppy/hard disk to the intended / partition. When you are moving /, you have to do the copying yourself."

  • NewsForge: Open Source powers Peace Corps of the Internet Age (2000-09-30 13:50:53)
    "The Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP), which provides access/connectivity and networks, national and international content and training to DCs using Open Source technologies, might be called the Peace Corps of the Internet Age."

  • About.com: Adding Space II: Replacing A Drive (2000-09-30 12:36:27)
    "There are a number of reasons one might want to do this... In any case, just how such a replacement might be accomplished without loosing data or needing a re-install isn't always clear to the uninitiated. This article will help."

  • SystemLogic.net: Many Ask, Why Linux? (2000-09-30 12:08:18)
    "There are many reasons to select Linux over the more popular Microsoft alternative. Linux offers true multitasking and actual multi-user capabilities with the ability to switch from one user login to the next with just a keystroke. It has better virtual memory handling."