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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 26, 2000

  • LinuxPR: See the amazing IBM Linux wrist watch tomorrow! (Oct 26, 2000, 23:03)
    "For those in the Boston area, you have a unique opportunity to see the amazing IBM Linux wrist watch TOMORROW (Friday, Oct. 27) and meet the leader of the IBM Linux Wrist Watch Project (Alex Morrow)."

  • AllLinuxDevices: Force to Support Linux On DECtalk TTS For Strongarm and Intel Devices (Oct 26, 2000, 22:48)
    "By supporting DECtalk on StrongARM and Intel architecture-based platforms running Linux, Force makes the robust functionality of TTS technology available to an entirely new category of portable computing and communications applications, including personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptop computers, wireless phones and car navigation systems."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Linda Supercomputing now available for the PowerPC using Black Lab Linux (Oct 26, 2000, 22:47)
    "The release of Linda for the PowerPC opens up new opportunities for rapid and easy development of applications for parallel processing."

  • AllLinuxDevices: Neoware to Demo Embedded Linux Software and Solutions at Embedded Linux Conf. (Oct 26, 2000, 22:46)
    "Neoware's NeoLinux operating system is an embedded version of Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT) Linux with Neoware-designed features specifically for the computing appliance market. Computing appliances are specialized computers that are optimized to perform specific tasks, and as a result are simpler to install, use and manage than general-purpose computers, resulting in lower total cost of ownership. "

  • NewsForge: Licensing primer, part two: a look at GPL from the BSD side (Oct 26, 2000, 22:37)
    "No Open Source software license is perfect. The BSD licenses allow closed-source proprietors to swipe code created under it and turn it into non-free software. And while the GPL license seems to be completely unrestrictive in its freedom, in actuality, some say, it ends up more restrictive. In fact, opponents of the GPL say that it infects code like a virus."

  • LinuxPR: SuSE Linux Offers KDE 2.0 Download (Oct 26, 2000, 22:30)
    "Update To Linux Desktop Application Available for Comdex."

  • ZDNet: Transmeta reviews criticize performance (Oct 26, 2000, 21:48)
    "Crusoe-based laptops have hit the market, and some critics are underwhelmed. Are benchmark tests to blame?"

  • Linux Profesional Institute News for October 24 2000 (Oct 26, 2000, 21:42)
    Welcome to yet another edition of LPI News.

  • ZDNet: Should all software be open sourced? (Oct 26, 2000, 21:31)
    "As more commercial software vendors are exploring the potential benefits of open source, the rhetoric is reaching epic proportions. And with quasi-open-source licenses proliferating, it is becoming increasingly tougher to determine whether or not software is truly open source."

  • Segfault: Tech Journalists Begin Work on Incompatible Linux Kernel (Humor) (Oct 26, 2000, 21:17)
    "If Linux Won't Fork, We'll Make It Fork", Vow Top Pundits... Rebuffed throughout the ages by countless failed predictions of kernel forks, these mavericks have decided to take the code into their own hands. Called "Windix" for maximum brand confusion, the pundit-approved kernel will be subtly but definitively incompatible with the current Linux kernel."

  • The Yankee Group: Whither Linux 2.4: Delayed Again (Oct 26, 2000, 21:12)
    "We believe that unless something changes in the organizational structure of the Linux community, Linux is destined to fracture into different versions to satisfy different user constituencies and its threat to proprietary OSs will diminish as it grows to be more like them."

  • Privacy: Think before you press the "Delete" key (Oct 26, 2000, 21:01)
    "A computer records things indefinitely. is unethical to take words that were never intended to be published, and use them as evidence against their author. It's like punishing people merely for thinking things they shouldn't..."

  • Upside: Zero Knowledge marks Freedom milestone (Oct 26, 2000, 20:37)
    "For Shaver, a Canadian programmer best known for his brief tenure as the chief lizard wrangler for the Mozilla project following Jamie Zawinsky's well-publicized departure, the source code release represents the end of a grueling six-month process."

  • Slashdot: Linux Graphics Programming with SVGAlib [Book Review] (Oct 26, 2000, 19:36)
    "XFree86 isn't the be-all end-all of Linux graphics. Consider the embedded space, or dedicated turnkey apps, or console games...."

  • AllLinuxDevices: TimeSys Corp. Launches TimeSys India Private Limited (Oct 26, 2000, 19:28)
    "Launched to conduct the research and development for the company's next generation tools for building embedded real-time systems, TimeSys India Private Limited will initially employ between twenty and thirty people."

  • Linux Weekly News for October 26, 2000 (Oct 26, 2000, 19:28)
    Leading items and editorials: Ajuba Solutions has been acquired by Interwoven, KDE 2.0 is out, Microsoft says penguins can mutate, Announcing...Mountain View Data and LynuxWorks files for an IPO.

  • LinuxPR: Coventive and Metro Link to Deliver Embedded Linux Solutions for Information Appliances (Oct 26, 2000, 16:57)
    "Together, the companies intend to develop and offer the industry's smallest footprint Linux operating system and graphics solution for new IA's, such as hand held computers, set top boxes and web pads."

  • .eu European Domain Will Arrive Mid-2001 (Oct 26, 2000, 15:21)
    "As anyone can guess, a new top level domain means a new top level argument between interested parties. In this case, Switzerland last month lodged a formal complaint with the EU Commission because it has been excluded from the domain. Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, says the .eu domain should not be exclusive to the 15 EU member states."

  • Stallman visits Slovenia and Croatia (Oct 26, 2000, 14:26)
    Pictures and text (in English and Slovenian) of Stallman's visit.

  • AllLinuxDevices: LynuxWorks, Inc. Announces Filing of Registration Statement for IPO (Oct 26, 2000, 11:39)
    "LynuxWorks, Incorporated, a provider of Linux compatible operating systems and related products and services designed for the embedded systems market, today announced that it has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission a registration statement relating to the proposed initial public offering of its common stock."

  • Kernel Monkeys! (Oct 26, 2000, 09:00)
    "The kernel is a piece of computer code, that when properly configured and compiled runs and manages all of your programs, user input, disks, memory, and other devices."

  • Guide to X-terminal setup (Oct 26, 2000, 08:31)
    "The X-terminal concept is essentially like telneting into a machine and then running some application there. All the working is done on the machine that you are connecting to but the display is shown on your machine. That just gives you access to console mode text applications, whereas an X-Terminal setup will give you access to the entire range of GUI applications."

  • LinuxPR: Dialtone Internet Adds Chili!Soft ASP Technology To Its Linux Dedicated Servers (Oct 26, 2000, 00:12)
    "Chili!Soft ASP allows users of our Linux, Linux Cluster servers and Cobalt RaQ server appliances to benefit from the Linux platform's superior performance and cost advantage."

  • Linux Everywhere (Oct 26, 2000, 00:09)
    "For a long time, 'Windows Everyhwere' was an unchallenged view of the future. After all, the exciting new Windows NT product expanded Windows grasp into the RISC hardware arena. Windows was a juggernaut and few if any pundits questioned the ability of Windows to become the Everywhere OS."