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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 27, 2000

  • Wired: How MS Helped With Own Hack (2000-10-27 22:17:30)
    "I tell my clients to isolate all valuable information off the network. There's something about this whole Microsoft hack that doesn't make sense. Either they thought they were invincible, or they left a door very open for reasons I can't even begin to guess at."

  • LinuxMedNews: A Truly Open Letter to the AMA (2000-10-27 21:10:05)
    "But in an end-to-end medical software world, it needn't be so time-consuming, repetitive or onerous. It should allow the practitioner to master the task, not the task to master the practitioner and provide greatly improved quality control at the same time."

  • Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory: flash plugin included in Powertools should not be used (2000-10-27 20:10:07)
    The flash plugin included in Powertools 7 conclicts with the plugin included in netscape-common-4.75-2 which is in Red Hat Linux 7.

  • Linux Journal: Linux Journal Presents ALS Best of Show Awards (2000-10-27 19:35:26)
    "Linux Journal, on behalf of the Annual Linux Showcase, Atlanta, and USENIX Association, recognized outstanding products featured at the 4th Annual Linux Showcase. The awards were announced in Atlanta on October 13, 2000, during a party sponsored by Sangoma.com..."

  • LinuxPR: On RadioWallStreet.com: The Linux League Friday Edition (2000-10-27 19:19:09)
    "Also joining Mr. Gaskins today will be Tom Adelstein, Founder of Bynari, Inc. and Gary Lawrence Murphy, CEO of TCI."

  • LinuxPR: Akopia Launches Interchange Open-Source E-Commerce Software (2000-10-27 19:09:59)
    "Interchange 4.6 meets even the most demanding e-commerce applications because its functionality is easily tailored to meet customer requirements, it is extensible to support aggressive growth and it is robust and scalable enough to work in extremely high volume environments."

  • LinuxPR: New Open Source GNU Tools Release (2000-10-27 18:44:25)
    "Microcross, Inc. is announcing its first product release, GNU X-Tools, which will debut at the 4th Annual Linux Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 11, 2000."

  • Kernel Cousin Debian #8 (2000-10-27 18:13:12)
    KC Debian provides a peek into the inner workings of the Debian development process.

  • Kernel Cousin Samba #30 (2000-10-27 18:06:29)
    Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.

  • Technology Review: The Software Chip (2000-10-27 16:33:24)
    "As is often the case in technology innovation, practice proved harder than theory: Transmeta's first chip design ran so slowly that it took the chip half an hour just to boot the operating system. But with each of four chip revisions, the team learned more about binary translation. Five years of painstaking work-performed by a brigade of 200 engineers backed by several hundred million dollars of venture capital-produced a chip that ran fast enough to compare favorably with Intel processors. In January of this year, Transmeta announced the first two hybrid silicon/software chips in the Crusoe line. The first, called TM5400, is a 700-megahertz chip for the ultrathin, ultralight Windows notebook PCs. It runs software written for Intel chips on a fraction of the power a Pentium consumes. The second, the TM3120, is a 400-MHz chip designed to run Internet appliances using a version of Linux that Torvalds developed for mobile devices."

  • NewsForge: Open letter from Richard M. Stallman on NewsForge licensing story (2000-10-27 15:36:26)
    "The Open Source Movement does include the GNU GPL in its list of recommended licenses, but please describe it as a 'free software license', so that people will not get the wrong idea of where it comes from and what its purpose is."

  • CNET News.com: Venture capital firm invests in Linux retailer Ebiz (2000-10-27 14:20:43)
    "The Canopy Group has invested $2.5 million in Ebiz Enterprises, operator of LinuxMall and the Linux Store, allowing the Linux retailer to diminish its debt."

  • LinuxPlanet: The Perils of Irresponsible Advocacy (2000-10-27 12:37:19)
    These are heady times for Linux on the desktop, what with the release of KDE 2.0 and the ongoing development of GNOME and Nautilus. But, as Michael Hall points out, Linux has a ways to go before it can be considered the equal of Windows or the Mac on the desktop -- and those who argue otherwise are guilty of irresponsible advocacy.

  • Apache Today: The Perl You Need to Know: Personalization Methods Part 2 (2000-10-27 12:30:00)
    "We're using both a database and cookies to implement the personalization system. Why both? This personalization needs both a short-term and long-term memory. For example, when people are younger, they tend only to remember what happened 5 minutes ago, but not 5 years ago. Yet as people grow older, they tend to remember what happened 5 years ago, but not 5 minutes ago. Our system cannot have either flaw -- it needs to remember both 5 minutes (heck, 5 seconds) ago, as well as 5 days, months, or years ago."

  • DevShed: Back To Class [with PHP4] (2000-10-27 08:25:41)
    "Over the next few pages, this article is going to take a look at OOP in PHP4, with an explanation of PHP4 classes and a few examples of how you could use them."

  • Linux Orbit: Making Linux Work in the Workplace: Installing Linux Mandrake 7.1 (2000-10-27 06:37:12)
    "This installment will cover the most effective way to become an Open Source office, installing an Open Source operating system. We will compare the installation of the familiar Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 against a popular Linux distribution, Linux Mandrake 7.1"