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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 28, 2000

  • LinuxFocus: Building Scalable ISPs with open-source software (2000-10-28 22:41:27)
    "In this Article we will setup a scalable ISP service based on LDAP and Linux. It will touch many of the issues and questions asked. We will then use a tool called ISPMan to manage it."

  • Salon: Who cracked Microsoft? (2000-10-28 21:39:55)
    "In Europe, distaste for and distrust of out-of-control American capitalism are widely acknowledged motivating forces for free-software hacking. Open vs. proprietary -- it's the good vs. evil foundation of the hacker worldview. Hatred of Microsoft keeps some hackers up at night, plotting their own software-led world domination."

  • LinuxWorld.com.au: Unleashing the CLAW [first person shooter control] (2000-10-28 21:03:53)
    "The motivation for the CLAW development was simple. A keyboard is meant for typing and not for controlling a first person action in a game. Therefore, taking the keyboard functions and translating them to a device that fits neatly into your hand aims to improve functionality and control."

  • Linux.com: Introduction to LDAP - Part II (2000-10-28 20:07:34)
    "Some of the biggest ISPs authenticate everything they can against their LDAP trees, starting with RADIUS (Remote Authentication DIalin User Service)... A service like RADIUS runs fast into a timeout, so think about this before you plan your LDAP tree."

  • CNET.com: OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 [Review] (2000-10-28 20:00:48)
    "But with this release, Caldera dangles an Internet carrot in front of Windows users, hoping to lure some of them with eDesktop's quick, easy Internet access features. Building on the highly stable and successful OpenLinux platform, Caldera again delivers a product that should attract current Caldera users, users of other distributions, and newcomers to the Linux community."

  • Canada Computes: Book Review: Learning Python, First Edition (2000-10-28 18:04:08)
    "This is a GREAT book if you want to learn Python. It starts out easy and doesn't bog you down with concepts you don't need early on. It also makes a point of alerting you to "gotchas" that can trip up newbie Python programmers."

  • LinuxProgrammming: Guido van Rossum: PythonLabs Team Moves to Digital Creations (2000-10-28 17:18:34)
    "Unfortunately, BeOpen.com's original plans for PythonLabs didn't work out as hoped, and we weren't able to reach mutual agreement on workable alternative plans -- despite trying for months."

  • The Guardian: Linux is cooking in my kitchen [Linux for home networking] (2000-10-28 16:00:41)
    "Until recently, the only thing of interest about Linux for me was how to pronounce it ("Lih-nuks", according to my new manual). But that was before the challenge of being able to browse the web across my home network without mortagaging the house."

  • Linux.com: Linux Peripherals We'd Like To See (Humor) (2000-10-28 15:09:46)
    "This is the short list of hardware we here at Linux.com would like to add to our collection. To appeal to the hardware manufacturers of the world, I've drafted some sample advertisements."

  • OLinux.com.br: An Interview with Sergey Brin of Google (2000-10-28 14:01:13)
    "Linux is used everywhere...on the 6,000+ servers themselves, as well as desktop machines for all of our technical employees. We chose Linux because if offers us the price for performance ratio. It's so nice to be able to customize any part of the operating system that we like, at anytime. We have a large degree of in-house Linux expertise, too."

  • European Unix Platform (EUP): Book Review: Cascading Style Sheets - The Definitive Guide (2000-10-28 12:39:35)
    "...this is a must-read for web designers, and not even only those using style sheets. Designers not yet using style sheets will surely start using them after reading this comprehensive book, which can both be used to make yourself acquanted to style sheets as well as a reference."

  • O'Reilly Network: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Directory (2000-10-28 12:11:23)
    "Napster is really just instant messaging where the question isn't 'Are you there?' but 'Do you have this file?'"

  • CNET News.com: Linuxcare co-founder resumes CEO job (2000-10-28 00:09:53)
    "Linuxcare has closed European operations and returned its original chief executive to the top job after a months-long search for a new leader."