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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 01, 2000

  • AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: November 1, 2000 (2000-11-01 23:56:55)
    It was a good week for embedded Linux: TrollTech GPL'd Qt/Embedded, and announced that KDE apps for palmtops are already among us; the Agenda Linux handheld is out in a limited developer's release; and some thoughtful hackers have provided a binary archive for those running Linux on their iPAQs. Next week Indrema launches their developer network: is it going to matter?

  • LinuxPR: Linux@work in 12 cities in Europe in 2001 (2000-11-01 23:42:40)
    "For the third year, LogOn Technology Transfer will be organizing a series of Linux events throughout Europe called Linux@work. These 1-day, city-to-city events, will take place in 12 European venues in 2001."

  • Linux.com: Another Halloween Document (2000-11-01 23:00:55)
    "What I recieved appeared to be a somewhat unfortunate tradition; Microsoft seems to have taken to using Halloween as the time for an annual review of Linux's standing."

  • Motley Fool: David Gardner Interviews Red Hat CEO [Matthew Szulik] (2000-11-01 22:25:49)
    "Red Hat President and CEO Matthew Szulik was recently a guest on The Motley Fool radio show. David Gardner and Szulik discussed a number of issues, including the future of the company, the Linux operating system, and Microsoft."

  • Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory: kpackage dumps core when choosing file list or installing (2000-11-01 21:44:40)
    "When choosing a file list or installing/uninstalling a package, kpackage dumps core. A bugfix release of kpackage is available to fix this problem."

  • AllLinuxDevices: The Axis 2120: A Networkable Camera with Linux Under the Hood (2000-11-01 21:32:31)
    The Axis 2120 is a networkable camera. Michael Hall spent a little time with one, and reports back that not only is the device easy to set up and use, there's a Linux web server lurking in there, cranking along at almost 100 bogomips.

  • Silicon.com: 'Linux is Unix,' says Sun. 'No it isn't,' says IBM... (2000-11-01 20:43:44)
    "IBM has accused Sun of confusing customers with its Linux strategy and lacking sufficient understanding of the open source OS. The conflict stems from last week's Gartner Group symposium in Florida where Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun, irritated open source die-hards by claiming Unix was the same as Linux."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Turbolinux Cluster Server 6 Powers Popular Birkenstock Web Store (2000-11-01 20:34:42)
    "Turbolinux Cluster Server 6 is the application which provides continuous up-time for the Birkenstock Web site."

  • Grant Taylor: Open Letter to Linux Vendors, Developers and Admins: Line Printer Daemon Must Die! (2000-11-01 18:05:20)
    "I ask vendors to commit to offering a viable alternative to LPD ASAP (actually, some already do). For now, this will mean shipping one or more of the imperfect alternatives described above. Hopefully the wider exposure given to the spoolers from this first step will help boost the development efforts needed to adapt or create a complete good system. Only at that point may we sensibly discontinue shipping LPD."

  • ZDNet UK: Riding on the open source wagon (2000-11-01 15:49:04)
    "In a market overflowing with Internet-enabled applications, vendors increasingly are counting on the magic words "open source" to attract venture capitalist, partner and customer interest. But are software vendors using open source merely as a way to stand out from the crowd? Or do open source versions of applications merit consideration above and beyond the buzzword factor?"

  • The Standard: Let the Music Play: Bertelsmann and Napster Come Together (2000-11-01 14:28:38)
    "The German media giant says it will loan money to Napster to develop a secure file-sharing service and will drop its suit if the service is implemented."

  • LinuxPlanet: DistributionWatch Review: Linux-Mandrake 7.2 (2000-11-01 13:56:44)
    MandrakeSoft has bolted ahead of the Liniux distro field with the release of Linux-Mandrake 7.2, which includes KDE 2 (sort of; some boxed sets that claim to include KDE 2 really contain an earlier release candidate) and new versions of some very useful system-configuration tools, including RpmDrake, HardDrake, and CUPS. Brian Proffitt reviews, along with advice on making sure that your Linux-Mandrake version has the latest version of KDE.

  • NewsForge: Astronomy lessons from Marcel Gagne (2000-11-01 05:49:43)
    "That's how he got into writing 'Cooking with Linux.' Linux Journal listed upcoming themes for their publication and the one scheduled for September of 1999 was 'Cooking With Linux,' but as the hour approached the idea for what that edition would actually look like had not really solidified, so Marcel offered his own suggestion, a mix of both the way he likes to live and the way he likes to compute, a la carte. The wine, he loves, but if there was a schtik that went well with single malt scotch he could have just as easily gone with that, too."

  • FreeOS.com: Review: SuSE 7.0 Professional (2000-11-01 05:41:09)
    "The professional edition, that I have reviewed here, contains 6 CD's, 4 manuals and for good measure a DVD which contains the contents of all 6 CD's."

  • LinuxPR: BSDi Receives $5 Million Investment From Leading Japanese Internet Solution Provider (2000-11-01 01:50:31)
    "BSDi will use the proceeds from the investment to continue to develop and market advanced BSD operating systems and its iXtreme Series line of Internet servers computing systems and to provide ongoing backing for the FreeBSD Project, the developers of the FreeBSD open source operating system."

  • ITworld.com: Discussion with Robert Graham creator of Altivore (2000-11-01 00:45:56)
    "Robert Graham created Altivore -- the open source twin to Carnivore -- to provide ISPs with a free alternative to the FBI black box, and to prove that it could be done. This week, you are invited to talk with Robert Graham about Altivore, the future of Web privacy, encryption, and more."

  • BSA advertising campaign in Italy: is free software unlawful? (2000-11-01 00:05:02)
    "This is the main point of annoyance: to give a simple message, they talk about "copying software" without further specifications; but in this way they give the message that only non-free licensed software exists. Which is a very misleading message."

  • Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory: kpackage dumps core when choosing file list or installing (2000-10-31 20:35:42)
    "A bugfix release of kpackage is avaiable. It fixes a segmentation fault when choosing "file list" and when installing or uninstalling a package."