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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 25, 2000

  • Linux Magazine: Using DNS (2000-11-25 22:31:10)
    "Whatever group you fall into, having a working understanding of DNS is crucial. Luckily, it's also pretty straightforward. Creating the files used by DNS, starting one or more DNS servers, and configuring how, when, and if your systems use DNS is easy, especially under Linux."

  • LWN: LWN @ Comdex 2000 (2000-11-25 21:09:31)
    "LWN editors Rebecca Sobol and Forrest Cook visited Comdex Fall 2000 and the co-located Linux Business Expo (LBE) in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 12 through November 15, 2000."

  • InfoWorld: Explore your options for remotely managing Windows NT, Linux, and Unix servers (2000-11-25 19:39:35)
    "If you're looking for an easier way to administer your Linux- or Unix-based Web servers, remote X sessions can be an excellent way to go. ... By using the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol, all traffic to the remote server can be sent over an encrypted tunnel."

  • Linux Gazette: Two Years Ago - the birth of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) (2000-11-25 18:39:14)
    "LPI began with a fairly simple idea - if there is to be certification for Linux, which the larger IT and training industry pretty much determined would be inevitable, then that certification should be controlled by the actual Linux professionals working with the operating system and not by any one Linux vendor or any publishers or training/courseware providers."

  • The Register: Country code chiefs, registrars mull ICANN breakaway (2000-11-25 17:34:19)
    "But the country code managers aren't alone. The Register has learned that a number of top level registrars are also examining such a move, registrars largely drawn as far as we gather, from the pool of rejected global top-level domains (gTLDs) applicants who found themselves out in the cold last week."

  • Linux Magazine: The Tuxies; Linux Magazine's Editor's Choice Awards (2000-11-25 17:07:35)
    "...we decided that the time had come for us to compile a list of the most important categories in the Linux arena, and choose the best and most popular products from each to highlight."

  • Linux.com: The Philadelphia Linux Web of Trust; GPG Signing (2000-11-25 16:10:47)
    "In the Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) LUG, we've started doing gpg keysigning parties at the end of the meeting. I think it's gone rather well. It's fun, and falls well within the interests of the kinds of people who show up."

  • Linux Gazette: Hooking Up a Local School Network to the Net with a Java Proxy (2000-11-25 15:32:36)
    "...I was at this time fresh out of ideas. And school-in was 48 hours away. So I took the only reasonable decision - write my own proxy daemon in Java, to be installed on the filter. This may take a bit of explaining."

  • LinuxPower: Alternative Computing Expo 2000, Melbourne (AU) (2000-11-25 15:07:48)
    "The expo was essentially a combination of the various local computer user groups (Amiga, Linux, OS/2, etc), with each displaying their best wares. Members of the public were initially puzzled, asked questions, and could touch/feel how a device/application actually works."

  • LinuxPR: Linux Interactive Opens New Site, XDigitalNet (2000-11-25 14:06:36)
    "XDigitalNet is a Top Sites program for *NIX sites. The top 100 *NIX related sites are listed for everyone to see. Site owners can add their sites for free and promote themselves on the list."

  • Project Pengachu: Cheap Wireless Linux for Everyone (2000-11-25 13:51:34)
    "Rehmi Post of MIT's Media Lab is working on an under-$50, low-power, Linux-based handheld computer for the developing world. Information on Project Pengachu from his site."

  • CNET News.com/AP: Hewlett-Packard To pay German fees under anti-piracy law for making CD burners (2000-11-25 13:08:39)
    "Computer giant Hewlett-Packard has become the first company to be snagged by a German law requiring firms to pay fees for making CD burners that are being used to illegally copy the latest hits off the Web."

  • Eric S. Raymond: The Jargon File version 4.2.3 (special 'chad' edition) is available (2000-11-25 11:38:23)
    "The controversy over the presidential vote in Florida has resulted in an unprecedented rash of press inquiries about 'chad'. ... In response, I have released the 4.2.3 version of the Jargon File as a special Presidential-election-cliffhanger edition with an updated 'chad' entry."