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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 27, 2000

  • LinuxPlanet: It's Time to Break Up the Linux Monopoly! (2000-11-27 22:37:56)
    OK, so Kevin Reichard may be facetious here: Linux isn't close to establishing a monopoly, although it's clear that Linux is becoming a such a serious player in the server field that it threatens to seize some meaningful revenue from Microsoft. But he is serious about breaking up Linux -- and here's why.

  • AllLinuxDevices: Ridgerun Produces Bluetooth Stack for Linux (2000-11-27 22:23:38)
    "RidgeRun has added Bluetooth support to its DSPLinux product, so the company decided to modify the Bluetooth stack to be portable. The company has released the new portable code back to the Open Source community."

  • Apache Today: Threshold Networks Announces the Availability of EDGE Server Appliances (2000-11-27 22:21:21)
    "Threshold Networks, a provider of server appliances, announces the availability of a line of server appliances designed to empower the edge of the Internet. Three products, EDGE Web, EDGE Cache, and EDGE IP, are scalable, fault-tolerant solutions that can be implemented in any environment, ranging from small corporations to top Internet Service Providers."

  • LinuxPR: Book by Linus in the Works: "JUST FOR FUN: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary" (2000-11-27 22:04:10)
    "...will combine autobiography, technological insight, and business philosophy in an account of the phenomenal growth of Linux."

  • Apache Today: Finding a mod_perl Provider or Becoming One (2000-11-27 19:41:15)
    Let's face it -- mod_perl is so utterly fabulous that you feel compelled to share it with the rest of the world. In this article, Stas Bekman explains how an ISP can begin offering mod_perl to their users, and he also passes along some ISPs that offer mod_perl to their users.

  • LinuxToday.com.au: Linux Package Management Needs a Wakeup Call (2000-11-27 19:32:30)
    "Users shouldn't have to go hunting around their file system looking in directories they didn't even know existed just to configure a piece of software, or find out where a piece of software has been installed. The Linux community needs to set higher standards for package management."

  • Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory: Update to official glibc 2.2 (2000-11-27 19:14:28)
    This errata updates the GNU C library to the latest official release (2.2) while fixing several bugs found in glibc 2.1.92-14 and glibc 2.1.94-3.

  • GamePro: Indrema: The Next Big Thing? (2000-11-27 18:03:27)
    "Call him a genius or just plain crazy, Gildred, the founder and CEO of Indrema, hopes to turn the videogame market on its ear with a new system that he hopes will attract a new breed of developers, and more importantly gamers, to the Indrema Entertainment System. His secret? Linux."

  • Linux Orbit: Making Linux Work In the Workplace: The Consumer Experience (Mandrake 7.2) (2000-11-27 18:02:33)
    "MandrakeSoft had to have its new retail OS ready to ship to stores by a certain date, and in order to do so, they stuck KDE's final beta in the box, instead of waiting for the final release. That's not very good business practice in my book. ...MandrakeSoft made ramifications by offering those who registered the "7.1.99" version a free upgrade to "7.2" no questions asked. ... Kudos to MandrakeSoft for showing it cares about the customer!"

  • Linux.com: Hardware: A Different Approach (Part IV of V): SPARC Systems (2000-11-27 15:06:42)
    "Scalability is the keyword when you are short on cash but need or want an enterprise class system. ... Buy older, create software for newer. Many SPARC systems of the same class using the same OS are backwards and forwards compatible with each other like the UltraSPARC, unless you cross architectural boundaries such as PCI to SBUS."

  • eWeek: Solaris, Apache lead in Web server uptime (2000-11-27 14:40:32)
    "Thirty-two of the sites ranked in the top 50 run their Web servers on Solaris... Linux ranked second, serving as the operating system at seven of the top 50 sites. Four sites use BSD..."

  • CNET News.com: Sun's Zander: Linux will fragment (2000-11-27 14:18:43)
    "...call me in a year or two when IBM's Linux is different than HP's Linux is different than Dell's Linux and (a customer) will have to recompile five times. You've broken it effectively. So you cannot depend on one Linux."

  • LinuxPR: Open Source Developer's Agreement released (2000-11-27 12:26:59)
    "The OSDA allows companies or employees to negotiate into their employment contracts the certainty of owning IP they develop under clear guidelines. This will help all the people out there who develop open source software but are afraid to release it, or more likely, are afraid their boss will react and or ask for a cut of the (non-existent) action."

  • Upside: Inside Red Hat: An interview with the CEO, Matthew Szulik (2000-11-27 11:59:24)
    "The open source movement gets a lot of press -- the 15-year-old kid in the basement writing code. That's less and less accurate. The people who choose to do business with us on a global basis want to leverage the fact that we have over 200 engineers at Red Hat. The Red Hat Linux license is, by far, the most popular Linux distribution in the world."

  • Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory: Update to official glibc 2.2 (2000-11-21 21:28:29)
    "This errata updates the GNU C library to the latest official release (2.2) while fixing several bugs found in glibc 2.1.92-14 and glibc 2.1.94-3."