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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 23, 2000

  • O'Reilly Network: aboutSQL: UPDATE that Data! (2000-12-23 23:58:08)
    "The WHERE clause is used to modify a SQL statement by limiting the operations to a filtered subset of the database. ... I'd suggest using a SELECT * statement with the same WHERE clause, which gives you a quick view of the records that will be affected before you do anything rash."

  • Evil3D.net: BestLinux 2000 R3 review; Can it live up to its name? (2000-12-23 22:36:39)
    "...does BestLinux live up to its name? I personally don't think so. I think it misses that mark by a fair margin. Its lack of hardware/software configuration tools, originality, and general configuration mishaps are seriously holding it back."

  • Linux.com: Introduction to IRC (2000-12-23 22:04:19)
    "Sure, there are graphical IRC programs such as X-Chat, but to get the most out of your experience, you'll need to know some basic commands and concepts. So, if you're an IRC newbie, read on..."

  • LinuxNewbie.org: Setting up DHCP under RedHat 6.1 for @home Cable service (2000-12-23 21:32:16)
    "I have seen many people trying to get ther @Home cable service to work under Redhat. Me being somewhat of a newbie myself I decided to write this step by step NHF, to get you though that rough spot."

  • LinuxPlaza.com.au: Mandrake Linux 7.2 Review (2000-12-23 21:06:39)
    "If you want a desktop linux, this is it. This is by far the easiest to use operating system I've seen in a long while. That includes MacOS and Windows. It's unfortunate that it will take a few days of configuring to be as fast and as convenient as my previous install."

  • Kernel Cousin Debian #15 (2000-12-23 20:43:45)
    Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • IBM Withdraws Claims of First 64-Bit Linux Code (2000-12-23 20:30:58)

  • IBM developerWorks: Easy GUI programming with EasyGTK (2000-12-23 20:02:46)
    "EasyGTK is a wrapper library that translates calls into GTK+, removing much of the effort and time needed to master GTK+. This article dissects a small piece of EasyGTK code to explain how to create simple applications, and provides a few suggestions on using the toolkit."

  • IBM developerWorks: vi intro -- the cheat sheet method (2000-12-23 19:32:33)
    "Using an accelerated "cheat sheet" method, this tutorial aims to make you a proficient vi user without requiring a huge time commitment. You'll quickly learn how to move around, edit text, use insert mode, copy and paste text, and use important vim extensions like visual mode and multi-window editing."

  • IT World: Standards based wireless networking with Linux (2000-12-23 19:17:34)
    "AbsoluteValue Software, Inc. is a software-development services company specializing in embedded and wireless systems. Mark and Jo-Ellen Mathews, the owners of the company, are the creators and maintainers of the Linux Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) project that began in December 1996."

  • EarthWeb: Creating Screenshots with SVGAlib (2000-12-23 16:07:46)
    "As some users are quick point out, screenshots are easy enough to accomplish in X-Windows (and various other operating systems), so surely there's an easy and equivalent function to be found in SVGAlib? Unfortunately, the answer is a discouraging "no," but we'll solve that problem shortly."

  • EarthWeb: There's an open source license that's right for everybody; a closer look at the LGPL (2000-12-23 15:36:48)
    "The selling point of the LGPL is that it is an open source license that enforces sharing between the original and subsequent developers, but it does not require derivative works to be equally open."

  • 2001 Free Telephony Software Summit - 1/22, Palo Alto, Ca. - RSVP (2000-12-23 15:17:55)
    "The 2001 Free Telephony Summit will be held January 22nd from 5PM to 7PM at the offices of Via.net, in Palo Alto, California... This summit is open to the public and all are welcome. ... This gathering will include those involved in the Bayonne project, as well as people from other free telephony projects, including pre-Viking."

  • LinuxNewbie.org: RPMs: Dependencies (2000-12-23 15:03:10)
    "The problem is that rpm front ends do not tell you what other rpm packages you need to satisfy these dependencies. They only tell you what exact files you need before it will install correctly. So before you go looking at your distribution's site for foo.x.x.so.1 or whatever, here is a good way to find out what rpm package you need."

  • 32BitsOnline: Book Review: Practical UNIX and Internet Security (2000-12-23 14:06:47)
    "Practical UNIX and Internet Security" is a very popular book, and has reached almost cult status in many circles. The reason behind this is simple: there is a lot of information, the information is easily readable, and topics are grouped logically. What else can a reader ask for?"

  • RedHat7 CDs mini-HowTo (2000-12-23 13:06:51)
    "This document describe how to rebuild RedHat 7 distribution CDs, after changing RPMS and instalation program (anaconda)."

  • UserLocal.com: Interview with Slackware Linux developer David Cantrell (2000-12-23 12:34:45)
    "David Cantrell is a core team member for the Slackware Linux Project. In this interview you will learn how David got his start working on Slackware Linux, what his role as a Slackware developer is, and he will explain to us about his two new applications protopkg and autoslack..."

  • Linux.com: Red Hat Package Manager: A Better Way To Install Software (2000-12-23 12:03:44)
    "With RPM, installation seems effortless; all you have to do is type one line most of the time and the rest is done for you. What's more, you can also uninstall packages and verify your system to see what you could be missing."

  • Linux Magazine: Compiling and Installing KDE 2.0 (2000-12-23 11:36:50)
    "...if you're the daring type and feel that you haven't experienced that warm and cuddly Open Source Software experience unless you've spent several hours compiling a GUI environment yourself, or if you want to fully appreciate the kinds of nutty things those Krazy software developers have to put up with, then by all means, read on."