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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 25, 2000

  • KDE.org: The People Behind KDE: Stefan Taferner (2000-12-25 21:51:00)
    "It all started three years ago when I wanted to write yet another file manager and found out that there is already such a project going on (Kde). However, the team for the file manager was already manned, but help with the mail client was needed."

  • Linux Month: Interview With John Ousterhout - Author of Tcl/TK (2000-12-25 21:19:52)
    "An interesting interview with John Ousterhout after the recent sale of his company, Ajuba Solutions. John talks about the status of Tcl/TK, how the sale of Ajuba affects the Language and where Tcl/TK development is headed."

  • LinuxISO: A Review of "Linux Apache Web Server Administration" (2000-12-25 20:15:26)
    "Apache Web Server Administration" is a great way to get started, or even further your knowledge of Apache. This book has wonderful examples of configurations that make sense and are to the point."

  • osOpinion: Open Source and 'Sexy' Projects (2000-12-25 18:52:42)
    "One constant in the debate surrounding Open Source Software has been the claim that Open Source Software has only a limited claim on the heartstrings of software developers because most PC userland software such as accounting packages, etc., is not as "sexy" as compilers, etc. So they won't be developed, or won't develop quite as fast as compilers, etc."

  • MandrakeForum.com: Thus spoke Richard M. Stallman (2000-12-25 18:21:48)
    "When Richard M. Stallman started his programmers career, world of programming was much different from what it looks like today: back then, ND-agreements and shrink-wrap licenses simply didn't exist, and sharing code was considered normal behavior."

  • Network World: Open source moves beyond the server (2000-12-25 14:12:33)
    "Forrester Research says companies are overcoming fears of relying on open source products in their networks. The research firm estimates that more than 55% of the world's 2,500 biggest firms use open source software...."

  • IBM developerWorks: Introduction to PHP - Finally, the perfect language for dynamic content & database interaction (2000-12-25 12:05:26)
    "PHP is a scripting language that is embedded in HTML and interpreted by the server. It can be used to manage dynamic content, work with databases, handle session tracking, and even build entire e-commerce sites."