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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 26, 2000

  • NewsForge: Open Source is Not a Business Model (2000-12-26 23:59:55)
    "We hear a lot about Linux advocacy. LUGs are big on it, and there's even a mini-HOWTO about how best to snag new converts. In the vein of religiosity, many big companies have an on-board, full-blown Linux evangelist. Just look at Bruce Perens' new gig at Hewlett-Packard. But what are these evangelists and advocates telling everyone about Linux and Open Source?"

  • oLinux.com.br: Netbeans: evolution through colaborative development (2000-12-26 23:00:57)
    "Being a fairly new open-source project, we are still defining the release process for NetBeans. It's important to distinguish here between NetBeans releases and Sun's Forte for Java distribution of the IDE. NetBeans 3.1 will be released on netbeans.org sometime in the next few weeks, and will include features that will not appear in Forte for Java for another six months."

  • Tonight Live: The Day After, Next Year in Linux and YOUR Opinions >> On The Linux Show (2000-12-26 22:08:31)
    "Next Year In Linux: The panel will discuss what we think will be the upcoming trends for 2001."

  • Security Portal: The End of SSL and SSH? Follow-up (2000-12-26 21:29:56)
    "This article will cover the reaction to SSL and SSH being "dead", as well as numerous implementation issues I did not cover. The real issue is that technology cannot solve problems completely."

  • FreeOS.com: Linux and the TV (2000-12-26 20:00:00)
    "Third compile of the new kernel not working? Maybe you need to switch off for a while and tune into some mindless TV viewing. Contrary to popular belief, Linux does support TV tuner cards and quite well too. Care to find out?"

  • Linux.com: Struggles of a website designer. (2000-12-26 18:00:49)
    "Then I discovered Linux. It allowed me to do the things that I couldn't in Windows. If I found a bug, I could fix it myself. If I didn't like the way things were, I could change it. In exchange for this freedom, though, I had to do it all myself. I had to learn commands to get around the kernel. I had to learn the differences between the kernel and the window manager. Before, all of this had been packaged together as a single operating system. Those days were gone."

  • Linux.com: Empeg Car mp3 Player And Software (2000-12-26 16:30:14)
    "The reason I'm mentioning this piece of hardware here on Linux.com is simply because the player itself runs on Linux. Is this player for you? Do you have tons of money to waste? Seriously, I have doubts that I made the right choice."

  • Canada Computes: Linux on an Ancient Laptop (2000-12-26 15:30:50)
    "Installing Linux on an old laptop is far from simple, as the following attests, but it is possible. It just takes a lot of work. Available documentation online is less than stellar."

  • Linux Gazette: Sharing an Encrypted Windows Partition With Linux (and notes about Sendmail) (2000-12-26 15:00:08)
    "I received questions regarding my encrypted Windows partition. People asked me questions like. "How did you do that?" So I'd like to answer, "how did I do that?" I would also like to describe my successful configuration of sendmail, which remained open in my previous article."

  • Salon: The year the hype died (2000-12-26 14:00:34)
    "Behind the scenes, however, hackers are still busy, of course, and one could argue that the whole rise of the peer-to-peer movement is just the latest wave of what free software is all about. And ultimately, what difference does it make if the companies attempting to capitalize on open-source rise or fall. Hacker's will hack, regardless."

  • Linux.com: LUGs Help Unite Linux Users (2000-12-26 13:00:59)
    "Its diverse and vibrant community distinguishes Linux from other operating systems. One such manifestation is the Linux User Group, or LUG. A group of users in the same geographical region get together in a LUG to discuss everyone's favorite OS, and to educate others about the virtues and challenges posed by Linux."

  • TheLinuxGurus.org: Linux for Your Laptop [Book Review] (2000-12-26 12:05:18)
    "This book is packed from cover to cover with valuable Linux laptop information, and while the author details the ins and outs of running Linux on a laptop he manages to find time to slip in details on how to actually use Linux."