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Infrastructure Linux News for Dec 29, 2000

  • Advogato: Free software: second generation (2000-12-29 21:40:27)
    "In other words, is cloning standard industrial applications still compatible with the free softwares phylosophie[sic]?"

  • theKompany.com Customers Get a Break on O'Reilly Books (2000-12-29 20:01:44)
    theKompany.com found its customers had a need for documentation that O'Reilly books could fill, so theKompany.com customers "can now enjoy a 20% discount on their orders from O'Reilly."

  • ComputerWorld: Microsoft extends availability of NT 4.0 exam (2000-12-29 18:21:11)
    "IT professionals trying to take Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT 4.0 certification exam prior to the Dec. 31 deadline have been given a slight reprieve. ...until Feb. 28..."

  • ZDNet: More Microsoft madness; Xbox can be hacked into LinuXbox? (2000-12-29 16:31:30)
    "Because the [Xbox] machine has a normal computer subsystem, including a hard drive, very little effort would be needed for hackers to... turn it into a cheap Linux box... I suspect that the Xbox, once it arrives, will become the most hacked and modified computer in history, much to Microsoft's dismay."

  • The Register: CNet suckered by CPRM spin (2000-12-29 14:16:56)
    "Alas, the author has ignored the fact that removable drives Zip and Jazz use the packet-based ATAPI cousin of the ATA specification, the standard used by fixed hard disk drives. What's under consideration by the T.13 committee are extensions to the ATA interface itself."

  • The Register: Everything you ever wanted to know about CPRM, but ZDNet wouldn't tell you... (2000-12-29 13:59:56)
    A FAQ from The Register about Content Protection for Recordable Media.

  • AllLinuxDevices: Yopy to Go Into Limited Developer Release in January (2000-12-29 13:17:27)
    "As reported by LinuxNews.pl, GMate, the company responsible for the highly anticipated Yopy, a Linux-based handheld, has announced a program that will make a limited number of the devices available to developers in January"

  • AllLinuxDevices: Embedded Linux Software Company Announces Launch (2000-12-29 12:09:54)
    "TUXIA, a new embedded Linux software company, has launched with a 20 Million Euro investment and a licensing agreement with Infomatec, which plans to use Tuxia's JNT embedded Linux for interactive tv."

  • osOpinion: The Linux Internet Dream (2000-12-29 00:51:19)
    "Linux is currently going through the same stages the Internet did. It started off as a geeks-only area, but some very smart companies -- IBM and so forth -- saw the potential for the OS, just like very smart companies -- Netscape -- saw the potential for the Internet. These companies are the ones that are going to bring Linux to the home user."