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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 27, 2001

  • Techweb: Is Linus Killing Linux? (Jan 27, 2001, 23:18)
    "Yet some solution providers, vendors, and industry observers are beginning to question how long one man can steer the evolution of Linux, and whether Torvalds' sole oversight of the kernel, now at version 2.4, is slowing its corporate adoption."

  • Linux Magazine: Using Remote Control with VNC (Jan 27, 2001, 21:37)
    "...VNC (Virtual Network Computing)... is an open source, Free Software product that delivers high-performance remote console capabilities for Unix and Linux, as well as Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh."

  • O'Reilly: An Interview with Eric Raymond; new content in Cathedral and Bazaar paper edition (Jan 27, 2001, 21:01)
    "What will readers find that's new in this edition? ... There's a juicy new section on the mechanics of bazaar development that discusses communications structures and the nitty-gritty of parallel debugging and why it works so well. I develop a more detailed analysis of project forking. ..."

  • O'Reilly Network: How Your Computer Boots; Excerpt from Understanding the Linux Kernel (Jan 27, 2001, 20:33)
    "In most cases, the Linux kernel is loaded from a hard disk, and a two-stage boot loader is required. ... The LILO boot loader is broken into two parts, since otherwise it would be too large to fit into the MBR. ... Although the BIOS already initialized most hardware devices, Linux does not rely on it but reinitializes the devices..."

  • Making VCDs with Linux (Jan 27, 2001, 19:30)
    "If you've got some standard MPEG videos, maybe of the sort produced by many consumer-level video editing packages, you can make your own Video CDs with Linux and your CD-R drive, without the need to buy expensive production software. It's simple."

  • Linux Magazine: Distributed Filesystems for Linux (Jan 27, 2001, 18:39)
    "Filesystems that can be shared over networks are more properly known as "distributed filesystems" because shared files and directories are available on (or distributed across) many different computers on a network. ... NFS was the first open implementation of a networked filesystem..."

  • An in-depth look at LILO (Jan 27, 2001, 18:02)
    "LILO has the capability to handle a maximum of 16 different boot images. Not only can LILO be used as the primary boot manager, with LILO written onto the MBR, but also as a secondary boot loader with LILO written to the boot sector of an extended partition."

  • Starters for Linux - Part 1, The Command Line (Jan 27, 2001, 17:34)
    "Lets start with commands that deal with Basic Operations on Linux. Linux like any other Unix system is case sensitive so type the commands mentioned in exactly the same way as they are written in this article."

  • Can Linux conquer the OS tower of Babel? Linux internationalization (Jan 27, 2001, 16:01)
    "The basic idea of internationalization (known as i18n among the initiates) is simple. Write software so it can be used equally well in any language."

  • Linux Journal: Some Thoughts on the Occasion of the NSA Linux Release (Jan 27, 2001, 15:02)
    "The NSA release incorporates an idea called Type Enforcement (TE) that was cooked up by Dick Kain and myself over 15 years ago, as part of a project to investigate high assurance systems. It's intended as a design characteristic to support analysis and testing, in aid of assurance."

  • NetworkWorld: Tape backup resource; the Linux Tape Certification Program (Jan 27, 2001, 13:31)
    "Do you ever wonder what tape drives actually work with Linux? The Linux Tape Certification Program can help."

  • NetworkWorld: Open-source printing, via CUPS (Jan 27, 2001, 13:05)
    "Network administrators looking to simplify printing on their Linux networks, or in a mixed Unix/Linux environment, should look into the Common Unix Printing System."

  • ZDNet: Prepare Your PC for Linux (Jan 27, 2001, 12:31)
    "You'll need to determine a couple of things before you install Linux on your system. For example, you should know which particular distribution of Linux you'll be using (there are many), whether you are going to have Linux coexist with Windows on your system, and if your hardware is compatible with Linux."

  • Linux Magazine: The Future of Linux (Jan 27, 2001, 12:04)
    "With virtually every significant Linux developer now employed by a company with a commercial stake in the success of Linux, will Linux be able to meet the demands of new users and partners while at the same time retaining its traditional openness and spirit of cooperation?"

  • LinuxPR: OpenDocs: Call for Authors (Jan 27, 2001, 00:38)
    "The ideal OpenDocs author has a desire to write in a clear and effective manner. As the technical industry changes rapidly OpenDocs is happy to work with first-time authors that demonstrate a desire to produce a quality manuscript."