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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 28, 2001

  • LinuxWorld: Java's future lies with Linux (Jan 28, 2001, 21:06)
    "I suspect that the problem boils down to a fierce struggle within Sun, and it all starts with the issue of Solaris versus Linux. How could a company so proud of its regal Solaris operating system possibly consider replacing it with something so uncouth as Linux?"

  • O'Reilly: Java as a Teaching Language (Jan 28, 2001, 20:03)
    "One measure of the success of a programming language is how readily it is embraced by academia. ... Today Java continues to grow in importance in computer science programs, while C++, the previous mainstay of CS instructional languages, is on the decline."

  • Kernel Cousin Debian #20 (Jan 28, 2001, 19:52)
    Highlights from the Debian development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • O'Reilly: Top Ten Secure Shell FAQs (Jan 28, 2001, 19:07)
    "An SSH session applies cryptographically assured privacy and integrity protection as well as mutual authentication to the data passing through it. Used properly, SSH is an extremely valuable tool that helps users more safely navigate today's Internet and helps system administrators secure their networks or perform remote administration."

  • Kuro5hin: Open source considered (Jan 28, 2001, 18:41)
    "A piece of software is often promoted with the line "it's open source of course", and I often hear people saying that "I would use it, but it's not open source". But are these valid positions to take?"

  • What's so good about open source and Linux -- in embedded? (Jan 28, 2001, 17:06)
    "Throughout 2000, conducted a survey of developers to try to understand their motivations for using Linux in embedded systems and intelligent devices. Some of the most interesting results are in the areas of reasons for wanting to use open source software, and the perceived strengths and advantages of Linux."

  • Linux Gazette: When Apache Redirect Doesn't Work the First Time (Jan 28, 2001, 16:52)
    "Along with the growing, comes new ways of doing things without getting rid of the old ways of doing things. I have a problem with my computer at Basically, I need to forward every request for '' to ''."

  • Linux Gazette: Booting Linux from the NT Boot Menu (Jan 28, 2001, 16:15)
    "Why an article on Linux in an NT boot menu? We have HOWTOs, don't we?"

  • UnixInsider: Unix 101: Just the FAQs - Online resources for Unix users (Jan 28, 2001, 15:46)
    "Where do you go when you need quick Unix advice, and you're nowhere near your man pages? Now you can find them online at a variety of Websites, some of which are hyperlinked to make finding an answer even quicker."

  • Writing Plugins For KDE Applications (Jan 28, 2001, 13:18)
    This tutorial aims to demonstrate how easy it is to write plugins for KDE 2 using KParts. It took me about 20 minutes to get my first plugin working, and hopefully after reading this, you will find it just as straight forward."

  • LWN: Interview: Justin Haas of LinuxPPC (Jan 28, 2001, 12:55)
    "A non-profit organization has no owners. A for-profit corporation is partially owned by the stockholders, who may be people that may not have the best interests of Linux in mind. They may not even know what Linux is."

  • Newsforge: ZooLib's Green has philosophical approach to Open Source (Jan 28, 2001, 03:14)
    "A commercial developer for years, he was first faced with the concept of Open Source when his friend John Gilmore urged him to release the source to NetPhone, the groundbreaking Internet phone service Green and his first wife, Denise Myers, developed and introduced in 1994-95. But like many newcomers to Open Source, he struggled to reconcile the reality that the only thing funding the development of NetPhone was NetPhone sales which, clearly, would be greatly reduced should they open the code. Though they chose not to, the idea sparked further investigation, and like Green is wont to do, some philosophical thinking."