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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 01, 2001

  • ComputerWorld: Committee to vote on controversial data copying standard (2001-03-01 23:40:55)
    "Paper ballots were sent out today to all 24 members of a technical committee that's working on a controversial standard for preventing the copying and unauthorized distribution of protected data stored on removable media devices."

  • Linux Gazette #64 March 2001 is Available (2001-03-01 22:58:41)
    "Linux Gazette...Making Linux just a little more fun!"

  • AllLinuxDevices: Visara Introduces Linux Thin Client Desktops (2001-03-01 21:43:45)
    "The 1883 NCT and eTerm 450Plus Linux-based Terminal - Performance, Flexibility, and Broad Accessibility."

  • ComputerWorld: IBM looks to Linux to spur mainframe sales (2001-03-01 21:30:06)
    "The computer maker is predicting that it will sell about 1.6 million mainframe MIPS during the course of this year....And the open-source Linux operating system will likely drive much of that new business."

  • Kernel Cousin Debian Hurd #82 by Paul Emsley and Zack Brown (2001-03-01 21:11:35)
    Highlights from the Debian-Hurd development mailing lists for the previous week.

  • Apache Today: Apache 1.3.19 Released (2001-03-01 19:05:15)
    "The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of the 1.3.19 version of the Apache HTTP server. This release is primarily a security fix release, addressing a problem which could lead to a directory listing being displayed in place of an error message. Also, it fixes some broken functionality present in the 1.3.17 release and various Win32 issues. Apache 1.3.19 is the best version of Apache currently available; everyone running 1.2.X servers or earlier are strongly urged to upgrade to 1.3, as there will not be any further 1.2.X releases. At present, the Win32 port of Apache is not as stable as the UNIX version."

  • LinuxPlanet: DistributionWatch Review: SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal/Professional (2001-03-01 16:36:51)
    Looking for a distribution to sit that favorite Windows user in front of? One where you can leave the room knowing that they're working in a productive environment out of the box? Brian Proffitt says SuSE 7.1 is that distribution. It may not look much different from its predecessor, but the small touches are what count in making this a slick, usable distro.

  • O'Reilly Network: Tim O'Reilly: Shuttle Diplomacy Between Allchin and Stallman (2001-03-01 14:18:47)
    "I really like what Richard has to say, and certainly have many reservations about some of Microsoft's business practices, but at the same time, I have been disappointed by how quick members of the free software and open source communities have been to assume the worst in Jim's remarks."

  • New York Times: Putting a New Soul in Your PC (2001-03-01 13:56:42)
    "Could someone like me, without a computer science degree or past love affairs with a Radio Shack TRS-80, do anything with Linux ? like installing it on an old PC and getting it to do things I usually do on my I.B.M. ThinkPad or Mac G4 desktop-tower machine?"

  • Linux Weekly News for March 1, 2001 (2001-03-01 07:13:17)
    Leading items and editorials: Ogg Vorbis, the Xiph foundation, and a licensing change and Copyright law and business models.

  • osOpinion: Can Crusoes Attract Like Diamonds? (2001-03-01 06:50:22)
    "They are, adeptly, not going to compete with Intel on its own terms. Instead, Transmeta says that it is going to chip away at the very foundations of Intel's business model."

  • osOpinion: Understanding Fear of the Gnu (2001-03-01 06:43:53)
    "The threat to innovation must be seriously considered. If GNU-ware can be used effectively in place of applications that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, how can serious software companies hope to compete?"

  • AllLinuxDevices: New line of uClinux based Embedded Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Boards Available (2001-03-01 00:45:44)
    "Applications for the DAQStick include: Real Time Control, Data Logging, Acoustic Processing, Remote Telemetry and a host of others."