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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 24, 2001

  • Reuters via NewsAlerts: Intel to make 250,000 Web gizmos for AOL deal in Spain (2001-03-24 23:30:46)
    "...The Dot.Station, which is a blue color similar to the one Intel uses in its logo, runs the Linux operating system and uses a Mozilla Web browser. It is among several consumer-oriented devices Intel now sells, in addition to digital cameras, an MP3 digital music player, a digital microscope and home networking equipment."

  • VARBusiness.com: Red Hat Zooms After Beating Estimates (2001-03-24 20:30:15)
    "The day after announcing financial results that beat Wall Street estimates, Red Hat saw its stock price jump several hundred percent."

  • SlashTCO.com: An Interview With Chris DiBona of Linux International (2001-03-24 18:03:23)
    "We are much more organised and stronger than we used to be. We have spent a lot of time in the last couple of years dealing with the incorporation paperwork and getting everyone going in the same direction. We are now at the point where we have got people in charge of marketing and PR, we have a board of directors and are managing to do some pretty valid stuff, while continuing to grow our membership."

  • Byte.com: Microsoft vs. Innovation, AMD vs. Intel [Jerry Pournelle on Allchin and Stallman] (2001-03-24 15:00:51)
    "I suspect it will take years to resolve the issues of intellectual property in software, particularly with regard to software developed at universities and under government contracts. The matter isn't simple, and the slashdot sloganeers aren't helping the matter much by sensationalizing any attempt to discuss the matter. Fie upon them."

  • Linux.com: Interview with Shawn Gordon, CEO of theKompany.com (2001-03-24 13:00:07)
    "Overall the reception has been great. You always have those few loud voices who think you are the devil, but they are very few. Actually we've gotten a great response on selling beta software. People like to get involved with shaping the application, and they get it at a discount as well."

  • Linux Journal: Managing Multiple Cooks (an intranet recipe called Grand Salmar Station) (2001-03-24 12:00:35)
    "It is a bulletin board, a flexible news center, an internet reference list, an office directory and a document management system, all in one. Best of all, Grand Salmar Station is freely distributed under the GPL."

  • LinuxPlanet: New HOWTO: XFree86 Font Deuglification Mini HOWTO (2001-03-24 06:30:49)
    This HOWTO, maintained by Hal Burgiss, tells how to improve ugly and unreadable X Window fonts. It includes various tips for improving font handling for XFree86, including sections on fonts servers, TrueType fonts, Netscape, and related topics.