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Infrastructure Linux News for May 19, 2001

  • LinuxJournal: Tux Knows It's Nice to Share, Part 8 - Sharing Printers (May 19, 2001, 23:59)
    Marcel Gagné writes another installment of his series on interoperation between Windows and Linux with a look at using Samba to share a printer connected to a Windows machine.

  • LinuxProgramming: Getting Started With Jini (May 19, 2001, 22:00)
    We're pleased to offer this tutorial on programming in Jini. The author uses Red Hat 7.1. "Jini includes several technologies for distrubuted computing envrionments. The first and foremost is its IPMulticast service announcement and registry system. This is what we are going to play with today. This is a system by which RMI objects ( or really, any kind of remote service front end object ) can be passed out to the network and found by any other machine on the network. Here we are going to use vanilla RMI Remote Stubs, but they could be EJB Home Stubs, or anything else you want."

  • Ext2- Part II: Inside the bonnet (May 19, 2001, 21:30)
    "In the first part of this article we took a cursory look at Linux Extended File System. This article goes deeper and looks at the core of the filesystem concepts like blocks and their contents."

  • Linux for Newbies, pt. 23: Disaster Recovery Tips (May 19, 2001, 21:00)
    This quick guide to disaster recovery offers information on how to make emergency boot diskettes and how to use them when something goes terribly wrong.

  • Linux Wireless Networking Review (May 19, 2001, 20:30)
    Wireless networking for Linux can be a little confusing, but this article takes a look at some of the alternatives the author had success with. The encouraging part is that once the pain of configuration (and paying for the hardware in the first place) is endured, things "just work."

  • Richard Stallman to launch Free Software Foundation of India (May 19, 2001, 20:00)
    "Stallman's main agenda will be to launch the Indian chapter of FSF and lecture on the purpose, goals, philosophy, methods, status and future prospects of the GNU operating system, which, in combination with the Linux kernel, is now used by an estimated 17 to 20 million users worldwide."

  • Open Source and Capitalism: Culture Clash and the Road to World Domination (May 19, 2001, 19:00)
    During the discussions following the posting of Ganesh Prasad's interesting article on the ties between Ayn Rand, Extreme Capitalist, and the ethos behind the GPL, this article was mentioned a few times. The author has since sent us a link to a PDF you can download. He makes the case that an examination of hacker culture reveals strongly individualist tendencies.