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Infrastructure Linux News for May 22, 2001

  • UPDATED: MandrakeSoft Tells Its Side (May 22, 2001, 21:56)
    MandrakeSoft has issued a statement explaining the release of CEO Henri Poole and denying that the company has any plans to release any members of its development team. The statement also doesn't address the reported release of CTO Jean-Loup Gailly or rumors that other employees have taken voluntary paycuts to keep their jobs. [ Gael Duval of Mandrake has since answered a pair of unanswered questions. His comments added within. -ed. ]

  • ZDNet: Just another manic Mundie (May 22, 2001, 21:47)
    This column maintains that maybe it's time to move on from Mr. Mundie: "Still, enough is enough. In its approach to the situation, the Economist welcomed the Mundie-induced volleys as "sharpening" the debate. OK. It's sharp. Time to move on."

  • Debian Weekly News - May 22nd, 2001 (May 22, 2001, 15:10)
    This week: Hurd F2 ISO images, bloated /etc, Debian-User Weekly FAQ, Accessing Secure Sites with Mozilla, new packages.

  • NewsForge: MandrakeSoft loses more than CEO (May 22, 2001, 12:57)
    NewsForge has provided confirmation that MandrakeSoft has undergone a major layoff, including CEO Henri Pool and a collection of others (attributed to unnamed sources) including CTO Jean-Loup Gailly, "the IS team," except one, and a collection of others who have either left or taken voluntary pay cuts.

  • CNET U.S. Unix- Server Market Drags (May 22, 2001, 04:30)
    A very brief piece in CNET offers one interesting tidbit a reader drew our attention to: Dell, which doesn't sell Unix servers, had 18% of the market in "Unix servers," apparently on the strength of its Linux sales (which the survey firm lumps in as "Unix" for purposes of accounting.

  • Linux-Mandrake Security Update Advisory: openssh update (May 22, 2001, 04:21)
    "A problem was introduced with a patch applied to the OpenSSH packages released in the previous update. This problem was due to the keepalive patch included, and it broke interoperability with older versions of OpenSSH and SSH. This update removes the patch, and also provides the latest version of OpenSSH which provides a number of new features and enhancements."

  • Linux-Mandrake Security Update Advisory: Samba (May 22, 2001, 04:18)
    "A vulnerability found by Marcus Meissner exists in Samba where it was not creating temporary files safely which could allow local users to overwrite files that they may not have access to. This happens when a remote user queried a printer queue and samba would create a temporary file in which the queue's data was written."