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Infrastructure Linux News for May 27, 2001

  • FSF: Software Patent examples coordinator needed. (May 27, 2001, 23:20)
    "The Free Software Foundation is looking for a volunteer to coordinate the efforts to gather a list of cases where free software has been harmed by software patents."

  • LPI Wants Your Linux Sysadmin Stories (May 27, 2001, 23:00)
    "We would like to know about specific incidents you have had while doing your job as a Linux system administrator. If it was a problem incident, we would like to know what happened, in what type of environment, what you tried to do to fix it, what fixed it, what you learned from the incident, and what you'd have done differently if you had it all to do over again."

  • O'Reilly Introduction to IPv6 (May 27, 2001, 22:30)
    If you've been curious about IPv6, this guide provides a look at the advantages and differences from IPv4: "Assuming a basic understanding of how today's IPv4 works, this article is intended as an introduction to the IPv6 protocol. The changes in address formats and name resolution are covered. After that, it is shown how to use IPv6 -- even if your ISP doesn't offer it -- by using a simple-yet-efficient transition mechanism called 6to4. The goal is to to get online with IPv6, giving example configurations for BSD Unix and Linux."

  • Linux-Mandrake community newsletter - Issue #1 (May 27, 2001, 20:00)
    This Week's Summary: Shakeup at MandrakeSoft; Mandrake-Linux 8.0; MandrakeStore is now open; Mandrake/PPC is coming; MandrakeForum's latest headlines.

  • Linux Journal: PowerWindows for Linux [Review] (May 27, 2001, 19:05)
    PowerWindows is an integrated suite of small-to-medium-sized business applications. According to this review, there are some installation problems, but the overall package is "a solid offering and a welcome addition" to Linux.

  • Preview of the Usenix Technical Conference: June 25-30, 2001 (May 27, 2001, 18:38)
    UnixReview offers a preview of what's coming up at Usenix this year, including the Freenix track, which will include sessions on MAC security, scripting, user space, user environment, kernel, graphics, network security, resource management, a paper on "Building an Open-Source Solaris-Compatible Thread Library", and a paper on a Unix mailer that detects malicious Windows executables.

  • O'Reilly Network: Testing and Automating PPP (May 27, 2001, 17:30)
    This article builds on a series, introducing some common troubleshooting and scripting steps to the process of getting PPP up and running on a Linux machine.

  • LinuxProgramming: International PHP conference 2001 Call for Papers (May 27, 2001, 16:00)
    "The PHP-Center and Software & Support Verlag are pleased to announce the International PHP Conference that will take place from Nov. 5 to 7, 2001 in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. "

  • In conversation with Martin Konold (May 27, 2001, 13:30)
    KDE developer Martin Konold gives FreeOS a candid interview, touching at least briefly (sometimes too briefly) on a plethora of issues: KDE's (non)relationship to OpenOffice, how GNOME stacks up, and assorted others.