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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 01, 2001

  • Enterprise Linux Today: MandrakeSoft Announces Single Network Firewall (2001-06-01 22:15:23)
    "The 'Single Network Firewall' is a stand-alone appliance that runs on a dedicated computer, and combines ease-of-use and configuration via a secured and functional Web interface. The Single Network Firewall caters for an unlimited number of shared Internet connections."

  • The Industry Standard: Source of Anxiety (2001-06-01 20:24:19)
    The Industry Standard addresses the sense of outrage over Microsoft in the Open Source/Free Software communities and concludes that part of the problem isn't Microsoft -- it's disappointment and rage over the fact that Open Source ended up not being a business model after all.

  • Microsoft CEO takes launch break with the Sun-Times (and calls Linux a 'cancer') (2001-06-01 19:24:57)
    Mr. Ballmer remains in full gear over our favorite intellectual property destroyer, taking time out of a busy day promoting OfficeXP to explain how open source software works to curious reporters. We save you a clickthrough within.

  • Newsforge: Can Mandrake raise money by being your team? (2001-06-01 13:44:03)
    Rabidly pro-Mandrake? Willing to fork over some money with no expectation of seeing anything back from it except the satisfaction of MandrakeSoft's ongoing survival? This column maintains that by going with a Regulation A offering, Mandrake could have its IPO, depressed stock market or no.

  • TIME.com: TiVo Or Not TiVo? (2001-06-01 12:33:02)
    TiVo is one of the better known applications of embedded Linux going. The author of this piece is addressing the question of why it doesn't seem to be picking up sales as quickly as its good buzz might suggest, and holding out hope that Microsoft will inadvertently promote it by explaining the virtues of its own UltimateTV. It's grimly amusing to be reminded most people don't even like to make the blinking twelve go away.

  • PA-RISC Linux version 0.9 released (2001-06-01 03:17:41)
    The PA-RISC Linux development community released version 0.9, the latest version of Linux for computers using the Hewlett Packard PA-RISC processor.

  • Transcript of RMS at NYU, "Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation," Now Available (2001-06-01 02:56:36)
    The complete transcript of Richard Stallman's speech at New York University, "Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation," is now available.