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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 15, 2001

  • SuSE Linux 7.2 for i386 Arrives, IA-64 On the Way (2001-06-15 16:44:46)
    While the rest of the Linux community was out fighting for truth, justice, and the open source way, one Linux company has decided to respond through action, not words. Brian Proffitt jumped for joy when the box for SuSE Linux 7.2 came in the mail today. Find out what's new in this release, and learn about the upcoming release of SuSE Linux 7.2 for IA-64.

  • LinuxUser.co.uk: Microsoft before the earthquake [Eben Moglen on the MS GPL FAQ] (2001-06-15 15:15:05)
    Always good to hear it straight from one of the architects: Eben Moglen analyzes the GPL FAQ published on Microsoft's site and finds asking Redmond about the GPL is "like asking Joe Stalin about the US Constitution" (neatly skirting Godwin's Law, but only barely.) The point to all the GPL FUD, says Professor Moglen, is a looming crisis for Microsoft in the embedded space.

  • DebianPlanet: Mozilla 0.9.1 Makes It Into Debian, What's the Difference Between .debs and .rpms? (2001-06-15 13:43:37)
    DebianPlanet reports that the steps needed to move Mozilla 0.9.1 into Debian in some form or another have been taken and the package now resides in the non-US archives of the distribution pending a determination of the legal status of distributing the version with crypto intact. There's also an interesting discussion on what the real difference is between .debs and .rpms -- an issue near and dear to the hearts of Debianites as noise builds in favor of standardizing around RPM.

  • Guido van Rossum: Python 2.0.1c1 - GPL-compatible release candidate (2001-06-15 03:20:15)
    "With a sigh of relief I announce Python 2.0.1c1 -- the first Python release in a long time whose license is fully compatible with the GPL."