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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 17, 2001

  • DebianPlanet: OpenProjects.net Needs Help (2001-06-17 23:15:08)
    DebianPlanet has put out a call for assistance for OpenProjects.net: "Lilo, the OPN admin, needs help convincing people that OPN is an important part of Free software development. If you are a developer or a user of Free software, please read on and help." More to the point, Lilo needs help convincing businesses that there's a benefit to OPN that may not be as tangible as direct revenue, but with as important an impact on Free/open source software development.

  • Linux Gazette: Secret Tools (2001-06-17 22:30:48)
    This is an interesting collection of small tools that do useful things: enhanced screengrabbers, a nice "place-anything-into-the-clipboard" utility, a terminal splitter, plus a few more. There's also a guide to binding commands to keys in KDE and IceWM, and a ringing endorsement of glimmer, a text editor the author likens to an Emacs for the Python set.

  • NorthernJourney.com: Linux for Newbies, pt. 24, Filtering mail with procmail (2001-06-17 21:45:33)
    First, congratulations to Gene Wilburn for two years of his "Linux for Newbies" column. This month's installment centers on procmail, a traditional Unix mail-sorting tool that offers a lot of power and real flexibility in terms of contextually appropriate mail clients. This tutorial explains getting mail down to a system with fetchmail, and enough procmail to handle basic sorting and some specialized actions, like storing messages in dated folders.

  • kuro5hin.org: The GPL: A Technology Of Trust (2001-06-17 21:00:46)
    kuro5hin offers this brief, brief examination of the GPL. The author prefaces his piece with "Microsoft's attacks on the GNU General Public License (GPL) prompted me to analyze its technical merits, using insights from the book 'Nonzero' by Robert Wright. Since I'm a fan of Open Source for its pragmatic benefits, my own conclusions surprised the heck out of me."

  • LinuxOrbit: The Agenda VR3: A Linux Orbit first look (2001-06-17 20:15:11)
    LinuxOrbit has a favorable review of the Agenda VR3 PDA: "My personal opinion is "wow", I love this device. Its sleek, ergonomic and fits right in your front shirt pocket without the case. The speed has doubled since the original release of the operating system and once all the synchronization software is ready for all platforms (serial or IR) this device will be more useful than other PDAs in its price range."

  • FreeOS.com: Web server tutorial - Part 1 (2001-06-17 13:30:27)
    FreeOS.com goes in-depth with Web servers, explaining some of the underlying protocols and networking concepts involved, then delving into some basic Apache configuration options.

  • O'Reilly Network: Bootstrapping the YOPY PDA (2001-06-17 12:00:29)
    O'Reilly Network takes a look at the Yopy PDA, the third in its series on Linux PDA's. Besides the usual run down the specs, this review offers insight into an interesting design decision: G.Mate has decided to drop the W Window System for X.