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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 18, 2001

  • XMLHack.com: Is W3C work incompatible with the GPL? (2001-06-18 22:35:19)
    "A recent discussion on www-dom-ts@w3.org highlights ways in which the W3C's model of collaborative development is quite different from some popular open source models." Note that, headline aside, this isn't a "sky is falling" story. Just an example of how the GPL interacts out there in the world with a well-established body that has its own licensing practices in place. Whether the GPL would be better for said organization or not is something we're sure someone has an opinion on.

  • InfoWorld: MS masters NC mind-set (2001-06-18 19:03:47)
    Nicholas Petreley maintains that Microsoft has the thought-control rays turned on and pointed at the industry's head. How else to explain a centralized computing model like .NET's recent acceptance when network computing has been savaged in favor of PC computing for years? The battle, says Mr. Petreley " is not for the desktop; it is not for the server; it is not for the operating system; it is not for the development environment; it is not about the GNU General Public License (GPL) vs. Microsoft's business model. The battle is primarily about who will control user-authentication services."

  • DukeOfURL: Red Hat Linux 7.1 [Review] (2001-06-18 16:49:32)
    "This is a much anticipated release as it brings us further into the newer Linux technologies and provides some bug fixes for version 7.0. To date this is their best release yet."

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Chasing Them Naughty Blues (2001-06-18 16:20:43)
    Why do you use Linux? Because you're running from something or embracing something? In this week's StartX Files, Brian Proffitt says people run Linux more because they're for freedom and the chance to contribute. For the rest of the world, software may "just be a tool." For the Linux community, Linux is "a chance to create something new, something unique, and something bigger than ourselves."

  • Kernel Traffic #122 by Zack Brown (2001-06-18 15:30:15)
    Mailing list threads from the Linux Kernel Development Team.

  • CNET News.com: Why Microsoft is wary of open source (2001-06-18 14:00:35)
    In a nutshell, says this article, the problem isn't with intellectual property rights as much as it is plain old filthy lucre: Linux threatens .NET thanks to its gains on the server side, and Free Software in general threatens to upset Microsoft's upcoming licensing schemes. Quoting one IT manager: "'Our IS team agreed that, due to Microsoft's changing of the licensing rules and the manner in which they have given our us less-than-adequate time to process those changes, we are seriously looking at other platforms,' he said. 'Linux is a strong contender for our next server because of the low-cost nature of the licensing.'"

  • Librenix.com: The Trouble with Microsoft IE Smart Tags (2001-06-18 03:06:51)
    Librenix has a piece on Microsoft's proposed "Smart Tags," (the author is against them and proposes a way in which they'd be more palatable) and a more interesting bit of related information, which is the license under which all the site's content is provided: changes to presentation details allowed by the W3C HTML specification are permitted, but "reproduction in a web browser" in such a way that URL's are added or links otherwise provided are not.