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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 20, 2001

  • USA Today: Linux laps up more of the server market (2001-06-20 23:01:52)
    The "Classics Illustrated" version of favorable Linux press arrives from USA Today, with this thumbnail of recent favorable statistics, friendly quotes from fans and executives, and a list of some notable wins. Positive stuff.

  • MandrakeFreq #2 Available (2001-06-20 18:00:14)
    The latest edition of Mandrake's efforts to keep users on the bleeding-edge includes KDE 2.2alpha2, a 2.4.5 kernel, XFree86 4.1, Evolution 0.10, Nautilus 1.03, Mozilla 0.9.1, and Galeon 0.11.

  • CodeWeavers Releases New Wine Application Database (2001-06-20 15:54:24)
    CodeWeavers has started its own Wine Application Database where users can rate how well Win32 apps work under Wine. According to the page containing the original database at WineHQ, this one is "new and hopefully much better."

  • The Toronto Star: Rogers tests new interactive service (Linux set-tops nudging out WebTV?) (2001-06-20 14:59:34)
    Rogers Cable is looking into a new interactive television product to replace Microsoft's WebTV (which Rogers embraced two years ago after a $600 million Microsoft investment.) The new service is Linux-based, and the analysts quoted in the article seem to like it.

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: On Writing About Linux (2001-06-20 13:55:28)
    A central cliché in the news-consuming audience is the bloodthirsty media, pandering to the darker impulses of its audience. A central cliché among reporters is the bloodthirsty audience's demand to be pandered to, and the subsequent reward of those efforts with ratings and pageviews. Dennis Powell looks at the issue of covering bad news about Linux from a reporter's perspective, using two recent stories about GNOME and KDE as examples. At issue: Are Linux reporters here to cheerlead? Does reporting bad news constitute endorsement of the news? And why did a story about Red Hat turning its first profit (in many ways representing Linux turning its first profit) get only half the attention?

  • ZDNet: License to FUD (2001-06-20 01:56:08)
    ZDNet's Evan Leibovitch says "It seems that what motivates an open source programmer to choose one approach over another may have more to do with fear and mistrust than with freedom."

  • CNET: Bill Gates: GPL is "Pac-Man-Like" (2001-06-20 00:48:33)
    We can all go ahead and have a case of the vapors: Bill Gates is finally on the record as not liking the GPL. It's "Pac-Man-like," which we peg at somewhere better than "cancerous" and maybe worse than "un-American" if the responses of our European audience to that particular charge are any indication. This plus a few other "no need for the front page" items within.