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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 25, 2001

  • Richard Stallman: 2001 Free Software Award Nominations Being Accepted (2001-06-25 23:30:38)
    "Any kind of activity could be eligible--writing software, writing documentation, publishing CDs, even journalism. But, whatever the activity, we want to recognize long-term central contributions to the development of the world of free software. "Accord with the spirit" means, for example, that software, manuals or collections of them (on tape or CD) must be entirely free. "

  • Computer Buyer: Comment: SuSE Linux 7.2 - Linux for the desktop? (2001-06-25 23:00:53)
    The reviewer really doesn't tell us anything about SuSE Linux 7.2; instead, he takes the occasion to offer his punditry on how Linux can succeed on the desktop. He doesn't think that Linux will succeed on its own merits: instead, he writes that Linux's only shot is attracting disaffected Windows users.

  • SEUL.org: Linux in education report #47 for June 25 (2001-06-25 22:00:36)
    SEUL/edu is the discussion group for those interested in using Linux for education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students. This week: Computerbank micropublishing its accumulated Linux information? xletters typing tutor software. Python-based hypercard-like project under discussion.

  • Linux-Mandrake Community Newsletter #4 (2001-06-25 20:45:14)
    This Week's Summary: New release of MandrakeFreq; Introducing the Mandrake Cooker Weekly News; PPC Beta Status Report; Request for MandrakeExpert Volunteers; Business Case of the Week; MandrakeForum headlines.

  • Andy Tai: "Software Wars" Map Updated (2001-06-25 20:45:03)
    "This is to announce the latest version of the "Software Wars" map. It describes, in simple graphics, the current software world. Using the analogy of war maps between countries, it shows the current situation more effectively than texts in many articles. Since 1997, this map has been periodically updated to reflect the on-going events. The latest updates reflect the intensified struggle between Microsoft and Open Source/Free Software."

  • Change for Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1 Will Require "Per System" Licenses (2001-06-25 17:16:56)
    Caldera has changed the license on its OpenLinux Workstation product for the newest version (3.1) to require one license per system the distribution is installed on. The company will provide a certificate of license authenticity it says it expects to find on each system running OpenLinux Workstation.