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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 27, 2001

  • Debian Weekly News - June 25th, 2001 (2001-06-27 19:30:17)
    KDE 2.2alpha packages available, good Debian laptops, /sbin or /bin for traceroute?, improving qmail performance, NewbieDoc news, more.

  • The Register: Caldera defends pay-to-play license (2001-06-27 18:30:42)
    Noting that free downloads of its OpenWorkstation product are still available, Caldera has issued a defense of its "per system" licensing practice, reported here two days ago. "Developers need to have a company that is there that is going to be there for the long-term," says the company.

  • internetnews.com: One Net, One Law? (2001-06-27 16:00:37)
    "Under the aegis of the Convention, countries with more strict requirements may be allowed to crack down on ISPs (regardless of their country of origin) on the basis of their customers' content. ISP's, therefore, are concerned that the treaty will effectively require them to act as Internet content police, scouring the Web to make sure sites they host don't break the laws of any convention member country." Among the luminaries opposing this Convention: Richard Stallman.

  • O'Reilly .NET DevCenter: Microsoft Plans Shared Source .NET (2001-06-27 15:26:58)
    An interview with Microsoft program manager Dave Stutz discusses some of the issues behind .NET, shared source, and Microsoft's preference for FreeBSD over Linux as a target platform for implementing .NET for Unix-like operating systems because of licensing issues.

  • IBM eServers and Redhat Tux 2.0 Set New SPECweb Records (2001-06-27 14:45:58)
    "Both servers supported a total of 3,227 simultaneous connections in a 2-way configuration, and 1,820 simultaneous connections in a 1-way configuration. These results set a new record for Intel-based 2-way SMP servers."

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: Separated By a Common Operating System (2001-06-27 13:43:33)
    When Dennis Powell's Caldera installation died, he decided to use the occasion to look at two other Linux distributions: Progeny Linux and SuSE Linux 7.2. While he likes both of them, he realized that there's really no such thing as a generic Linux distribution, as both distros -- as well as most other Linux distros -- are set up to box users into relationships with manufacturers, as knowledge of one distribution has little to do with any other distribution. If Microsoft were to cook up a plan to cause Linux to disappear in a virtual Tower of Babel it could scarcely be more effective than that which has been adopted by distributions on their own, voluntarily.

  • The Register: MP3 owners get stroppy with open source coders (2001-06-27 01:53:21)
    Fraunhofer and Thomson, owners of key bits of MP3, have decided to flex and demand royalties of developers proprietary and open source with MP3. This item covers the effects of strict enforcement of the patents behind MP3 with two open source projects: 8Hz-MP3 (the developers are shutting down until further notice) and BladeEnc (which is now distributed source-only to avoid legal problems.)